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wvaleriechas | 01:20 Tue 03rd May 2005 | Animals & Nature
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What do ants eat? They seem to scurry around hither & thither searching for what? I read somewhere that they live there lives much like we humans, fighting wars ,defending territories etc but what do they actually eat? I have seen them stinging a slug to death & physically dragging it away. Is this part of their food store or is there another reason for it? Pardon my ignorance but can anyone answer this question please.


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The diet of ants varies from species to species, but in the UK they mainly eat small invertebrate animals of about their own size, and the occasional vertebrate corpse. They will also eat some fruits, and are very partial to sugary substances.

To read the entire article, check here:

One type of ant actually farms!!

They collect a particular type of plant and take it home to culture the moulds that grow on the leaves- like a basement full of mushrooms.

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Many thanks for the replies, both very helpful especially the recomended website. I can see that I am going to become an expert in my old age. Now I know why they disturb the roots of my tomato plants most years. I hate to kill any creature but is there a deterrent I wonder. Thanks again folks. .....spinner.

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