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Allergy sticky ears in dog

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woofgang | 20:16 Fri 05th Feb 2010 | Pets
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Hi there. My two year old Weimaraner GSP cross boy has being diagnosed will allergy problems. The main symptom is inflamed ears which then become dirty and sticky. We are working with the vet who is excellent but the steroid tablets which helped at first have stopped being effective at a dose which is acceptable in terms of side effects for the dog. The next stage is to try a topical steroid spray which we will start on monday. We have cleaned up his diet which has helped a lot but not solved the problem. We have also tried
Canaural drops (the thick yellow ones)
Thornit powder
We currently use ear cleaning solution made from boracic and lactic acid to clean his ears (at vets suggestion) plus the steroid tabs and evening primrose oil capsules, again at vet's suggestion.
has anyone else had experience of this and can you make any suggestions please?
He has bare, not hairy ear canals and is as good as gold about the twice daily cleaning and treatment.


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Is it a yeast type infection and he is allergic to grain and/or protein? I have heard good reports of quistel ear cleaner, but guess you need to cure the source of the problem. Maybe find a complete diet that contains only one protein and no additional foods, such as grains, vegetables, flaxseed oil etc?
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Thanks for your input. The problem with an elimination diet is that our dogs are big and run free in the New Forest. While there aren't huge chunks of food lying around, there are definitely plenty of "alternate" sources of nourishment, and no way of stopping the dog eating them...even cage type muzzles which are dangerous because they can get caught in things, allow access to things like manure, carrion etcetera.
By my research and the vet's advice, it can take 4 to 6 months for even a strict elimination diet to show any effect...and of course one slip puts you back to square one...I'm not ruling it out but I am not sure that it would be achievable without severe stress for the dog.
I would have suggested a fish and potato complete diet, as I heard someone else who had a similar problem, and that cured it within a few days. But if you cant control what the dogs eat when they are out, there isnt much else I can think of.
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Thanks, I know its difficult. Hopefully now he's off the steroid tabs which caused a mega increase in appetite (and he is a food oriented dog lol) he won't be scavenging muck in the forest so much. We have also found an atopy support diet which while it won't stop my boy eating things he shouldn't, is specially designed to have all the right things in it to support the skin barrier, lower allergic reaction etcet. We have started the ear med called cortavance to control the topical inflammation in the ear and are cautiously optimistic about its effects so far. He seems much happier off the oral steroid. poor soul the volume of pee was quite upsetting for him, during the night when he was sleepy and needed to go, he would sag lower and lower at the back end as the bladder empty went on and on. he is soooo good, has never once wet indoors, although of course we are obsessive about giving him loads of opportunities to go and not leaving him in the house or the car for too long. These are the first dogs we have had where we actually succeeded in getting them to wee on request. I would absolutely recommend has been so much easier especially with the steroid thing.
Do you know the name of the diet that your friend used or did he/she cook it themselves?
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Posting an update in case anyone has the same prob. Poor soul still has a bit of inflammation and needs daily cleaning but he is so much better...sleeping better and playing with his bro again. The cortavance spray has helped a lot, we have also got him on Royal Canin skin support diet and have eliminated all dairy from his diet, not that he ever was given a lot.
Here we is!

Hmmm, so do we just flop down on a blanket then? Hope we're going to be suitably pampered here...but don't think you're poking about down my ears...
(or any other orifice for that matter).
Question Author
Welcome welcome, take a seat.....probably best if you don't eat the chocolate, it came from pets at home.....
Cooeee, anyone in? "Sticky ears??" well I've heard of sticky ribs!
Hi all and definitely none of my oriwhatsits!! Eh Robi!
Just got back from a walk and doing my Korma...see you in a bit tara for now.
I'll just curl up in the corner and you can scratch behind my ears and tickle my belly .
Had to lol @ shaney, the thought of her in a corner waiting for belly to be scratched just cracks me up!!
I can sit up and beg too... Neti....hahaa....
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Hello all, patio men have knocked off till monday, I have tidied up 5 minute sit down then a shower and a cocktail cos that's the mood I am in.
The new patio is covered in plastic to stop the muck freezing and it has just started to sleet her, if it freezes tonight it will be like sheet ice, I just called the dogs in, Rab came trotting, Shughy cornered a bit fast and nearly lost it. I have got some of those shoe things, I think i might use them if I have to go outside tomorrow as all the doors go out onto the plastic.
The patio men are very nice. I put a tray of stuff and kettle out in the garage so they can have hot drinks when they like. I also put a pile of choccy biscuits on the tray which are steadily going down, I think they like working here.
Question Author
PS as we seem to be at the vet, ear update, we have had a miracle, Shughy is off all meds and I clean his ears out once a week or less, this is from about 4 times a day at the worst!!!!!!!!!!
I'm back and I've brought my new pet with me...

It started snowing at about 2.45 and it's still falling. For once the forecast was spot on, 3pm they'd said.

... well done Shughy!

<lobs a snowball at shaney>...I'm far too achey today to bend down there :o)
Just had a lovely meal thanks to hija, a big hot bath, central heating on in bedroom, and am now watching soaps in bed, luvverly!!

Oight oight all! x
(please will someone scratch shaney's belly for her, haha, thanks) x
dogs running wild in the country; it'll be panthers and things next. I know a man who'll sort them out

Hope Dolly's okay - I see they're having more floods in Queensland
Goodnight Everybiddy. I can hardly see my car. I think the match will be off tomorrow..
Sleep tight and keep warm...
Just watched Brighton Rock . The adaptation set to the mods and rockers era.It was very good .
We've had more snow too as I saw when I poked my nose out the back just now to go and bury the choccy biscuit I pinched when Woofy wasn't looking :)
The air is lovely and fresh though .
Crikey Jno ,we're freezing and down under is flooding .<<Waves to Dolly >> Hope everything is OK with you x
Well ,I'm off to curl up in my basket .Oight Oight sleep toight.

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Allergy sticky ears in dog

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