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snorpah | 17:16 Tue 14th Jul 2009 | Pets
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hi all

can anyone tell me a dog that would suit my family?

I have 2 energetic boys (one only 6) and would like a dog not too big (as we live in an average size bungalow). A dog which would be happy with 2 walks a day and not get too bored if left alone for the 5 hours i work a day.



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How about a retired greyhound? They will be quite happy left for a few hours (they will sleep all the time!). They will be energetic enough to walk and run with the boys, and have lovely temperaments. Most retire at about 3 or 4 years old and some even earlier if they don't take to racing.
They walk well on a lead and easily adapt to living indoors and are usually very clean because they have been used to being let out regularly for exercise/toilet duties. They don't take up a lot of room (some of the bitches are not much bigger than a whippet). They eat anything and will sleep quite happily on an old duvet.
I totally agree about Greyhounds. They are such lovely dogs, fantastic natures. Most people think they need long walks but they don't, they are sprinters! Their short coat is easy to maintain, they're clean, energetic yet calm. And please don't forget, they get such a rough deal, when they're retired lots are just dumped, and they retire from about 2 years. it'd be so rewarding to give one a lovely family home.

if you have not considered a greyhound, i urge, beg, plead with you to at least visit a rescue centre and spend a little time with one, you'll be converted - i hope!!! s%20List.htm

Hi snorpah:

I'm in 100% agreement with what's been suggested and have posted a link if you'd care to have a look?

I've owned a rescue greyhound, an ex racer, and she was indeed gentle, scatty but extremely loveable. She passed on 11 years ago but we still talk about her to this day, she was such a character.

Excellent with children as long as the love is reciprocated and it's absolutely accurate that they only need relatively short walks as long as there is somewhere safe for them to burn off their energy for a short time.

Their nicknames are "couch potatoes" and that is self explanatory, for they love nothing better, apart from food, than to loll around in their bed. Very gentle on the lead, great travellers in cars.

If you get to meet one I guarantee you'll fall in love. Ours lived to the ripe old age of about 14.

Good luck.

We've got a x jack russell, and a standard shnauzer , both been brought up with kids, jr now 6 , shnauzer 2 , kids 13 and 10 , no probs whatsoever, also had a dalmation b4, when youngest child was only 8 months old. from experiance most puppies will learn you're way of living.... both kids love the dogs and both dogs love the kids,......
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thank you all for your answers.

We will be visiting a retired greyhound trust to hopefully fall in love. They sound perfect!!!!!!!!!!
I think we'll be more excited than the dog!!!!!!!!
Of course, two together would be even more perfect.....

I'm so excited that you're going to be looking at Greyhounds.....and I'm jealous, ha ha. Let us know how you go on.
visit the following url
Any news on the dog front yet?
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We can hardly wait but because it is the six weeks hols and we are going away for 2 weeks and everyone is home (i work in a school)for the rest of the holiday , we thought it only fair to the dog to wait until we are back to our routine. We were concerned about leaving him/her with people other than ourselves when the poor dog is not yet used to us(let alone the dog sitter). Also we did not want the dog to get used to having us all around for the remaining weeks and then in sept everyone disappears during the day.He/she may think she/he had done something wrong.

You have to think about these things but the excitment of the boys will probably meet creshendo proportion by then!!
I am thinking it will be a very spoilt dog!!!!!!!

Forgot to mention before but we also hae a cat - i have been told they are fine with them - is this true?
I think it would be alright, but i think if you go to a rescue, they sometimes state whether a dog has been 'cat tested' or not, some might say they are not to go with cats but others will be fine to.

Happy holidays. Please post to say if and when you get a dog, i am going to check!!!

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