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Barking Dogs

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SSSid | 20:59 Fri 07th Nov 2014 | Pets
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Can you dog owners explain to me why it is ok to let your dogs bark all the time?
I am regularly woken up at 5am and still have dogs barking at 1am.
Talking to some dog owners it seems I am just a miserable killjoy and it is part of normal life and I should just get over it.
So have I turned into Victor Meldrew or do you agree?


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I agree - but the self-styled animal lovers are a very powerful lobby.
Are the dogs inside or outside your neighbour's house?
I am a dog owner and I do not let my dog bark all the time. i let her bark if there is something to bark at but if she's out in the garden and barking at a fly going past, I go out and tell her to stop.

Some of us are responsible dog owners.

We have two Dobermans, they're first out about 0600 that's when we go for an hours walk, they don't bark then, they are back out in the garden about 0930/1000, then about every 1½ hours for rest of daylight hours, they might have a bit of a chase 'round and a bark during that time, once it gets to folks bed times they are supervised when they're outside, so they behave. One is 10. the other 9, we've never had a complaint in the 30 years we've kept Dogs.
But then I guess you don't live nearby! ;-)
It is Not ok to let your dogs bark at unreasonable hours. I've been a dog owner, all my life, and have never allowed one of mine to bark, on and on.

The dog must be in distress too, to do this.
SSSid, i do understand that it must be really depressing to live by people who let there dogs bark constantly. It must be dreadful. Can't you contact the council about it?
A bit harsh, Baldric. The odd playful barking is acceptable for a short space of time but, it sounds like SSSid is being plagued by barking dogs at normally quiet times.
SSid it is not acceptable to let dogs bark all the time. Not fair to the dogs and not fair to the people who are forced to listen to them. Responsible owners don't leave their dogs to bark all the time. I would have a word if I were you.

chrissa, did you not notice the ;-) ?

I hope SSSid has a better SOH!
Dogs who bark like that are not usually happy either. i can't explin to ypu as a dog owner why its alright because it isn't. Now can anyone explin to me why its okay for private people to be allowed to set off fireworks in private gardens that sound like ww3?
Sorry, Baldric. I didn't. Fair do's. Lol.
Most dogs don't bark all the time, barking is normal dog behaviour but it is done for reasons. Ours barks when people arrive here or across the road (guarding, which is fine, that's his job) and yips when he is excited about being taken for a walk. When he goes out at night to pee he always gives 2 loud barks (probably to warn off any predators) and that's it. He is an excitable little dog and, ergo, worse than most. Something is wrong if they are barking at all times, especially at night. Most of us are responsible dog owners.
We also have the problem of a dog barking non stop in the flat above us. Sometimes it sounds like it's rolling an "iron Ball" around as well. Someone must have reported it as the SPCA called around but it is still there. I have heard that when the owner goes out now, the dog is muzzled and left on it's own for quite some time. Apparently, it has virtually destroyed the furniture.
it is probably destroying the furniture due to boredom. Dogs should not be left on their own for hours on end - they need company, the same as us humans. Sometime ago I used to do a cleaning job & the lady had a dog which was always in the garden. It did not stop barking for the 3 hours I was there every week. It would drive me nuts if I lived nearby. I have a dog & he responds to a firm "no" if he barks for some reason like seeing someone walking past etc.
First od all SSSid, how dare you tar us all with the same brush, not ALL dog owners are irresponsible and Canary, what the hell is a 'self-styled animal lover' ??

I too, as some on here, feel sorry for dogs that are left to bark all the time because they are obviously ignored, bored and probably neglected. I also would hate to live next door to a dog that barked or howled all day, but if I did, I would definitely have a word with the owners and try to resolve it for both the sake of me and the dog. If this doesn't work, there is always the Council who look into noise complaints or if the dog IS being neglected, the RSPCA.
It's not acceptable and responsible dog owners do not let their dogs bark all the time. It sounds as if they are being left unattended for long periods of time and they are probably under exercised as well. I would suggest checking out a local behaviourist and then suggesting your neighbour seeks some professional advice. However I imagine this may not be well received!
I have several dogs and they do get excited when getting ready to go for a walk, and when I let them into the garden they sometime run out barking just in case there is a cat on the fence. I would not let them bark for any length of time though, but sometimes you just don't know what they are going to find to bark at. We have a neighbour who has a window cleaner every couple of weeks and when my dogs see him suddenly appear at the top of the ladder they go ballistic and I have to shut them in where they can't see him. No dogs should be allowed to bark constantly, but most cases of noise complaints are not actually deemed to be a nuisance, as councils are aware that dogs do bark and unless it is constant or prolonged they won't take any action.

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