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Training A Cat To Use Cat Flap

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ClaryS | 15:35 Thu 12th Sep 2013 | Pets
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We fitted a cat flap about 3 months ago and our cat refuses to use it. We've tried opening it for her, letting her step through and back in but she refuses to use it independently. Now we are even more loyal servants as she stands at the cat flap and I lift it for her like her personal doorman for her to go through or come back in. If I leave her to it she will stand in front of it meowing until the staff let her in or out. Any suggestions?


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I had a cat like that once. I ended up having to take the flap off permanently. Cat came and went when she fancied and I had a permanent draught.
Any of you guys read "The Silent Miaow" by Paul Gallico?
Ha ha sorry for laughing , but I'm in stitches! lol.

You'll have to start giving your cat a gentle if not harder shove out the door, and have some treats to tempt her to go in and out. Dont open the door for her!!!
My two are indoor cats so have never seen a cat flap. I then decided to get a huge litter tray with a lid and a door (young Frankie has a problem with his aim when peeing and most of it ends on the wall or carpet).

Princess Merlin isn't too bright but I figured that she would work out how to get in the tray - the door pushes really easily. After a few days of her refusing to use it I wedged the door open. Alas whilst she was in doing what cats do the door closed. Her screaming was pitiful and when I opened the door she bolted out. The door is now wedged open again and I think it may stay like that.

I have to say the Princess Merlin/Slasher is incredibly stupid. She just sits looking at me saying "eek"

I am just back from the vet with Frankie and he is sitting glaring at me.

Such lovely animals
We've got three cats (well three and a half if you count next door's cat!) and I can tell which one is coming in by the sound of the cat flap. Bracken takes his time and puts one claw in to open the flap just enough to get his nose in and then creeps through. Mollie uses her nose to get in and is very quick getting through. Tazz, on the other hand starts jumping about three feet away from the flap and leaves it swinging long after he is in!
When she sits there demanding for you to open it, push her head through it, we looked right muppets training ours, daughter on the outside putting her through, then me the otherside, in the end she pawed and pawed the flap forward and then tuck her head under, the amount of times she caught her tail in it is uncountable, maybe that is why she does not use the flapand climb the stone work, up to the guttering and jumps through the bedroom window,
^^^^^not forward backward, like me^^^^^^^^^
Had to laugh at this. No solution though. My daughter's cat will come into the house via the catflap but can't work out how to go out through it, he just sit's in front of it, until one of his servants either pushes him throught it or opens the door instead.
Hello,i know you can buy see through ones,but,as you keep opening the flap for her,why not just open the door?lol
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CatGirl4 The cat flap is see through and I am trying to train her to go through the cat flap so that when we are out she can get in and out by herself. Anyway she miraculously ended up inside on Sunday after she was left out and it started to rain (we went shopping). So the little madam can come in when she wants so no more missus nice person she can wowl to her hearts content, this ladies not for opening the cat flap anymore LOL!

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Training A Cat To Use Cat Flap

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