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Training A Cat To Use Cat Flap

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ClaryS | 15:35 Thu 12th Sep 2013 | Pets
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We fitted a cat flap about 3 months ago and our cat refuses to use it. We've tried opening it for her, letting her step through and back in but she refuses to use it independently. Now we are even more loyal servants as she stands at the cat flap and I lift it for her like her personal doorman for her to go through or come back in. If I leave her to it she will stand in front of it meowing until the staff let her in or out. Any suggestions?


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Lol, sorry, no advice but, lol

Question Author
You are all cat owners then LOL!
I'm not, but I thought your thread was funny. Hopkirk has another thread going at the moment about his cat and he reckons it would never use a cat flap, no way !
Me neither, I have a dog but the mental image of you persistently opening the cat flap was too funny.

I feel your pain though, my dog is being a pain in the arse at the moment, he's peeved because the back door is closed now as it's to cold to have open so he annoys me all day with in and out.
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When you feed her put the dish down the other side of the flap from were she is standing. She'll soon get the hang of it.

I don't understand this. The cat is using the cat flap, albeit she has trained you in opening the 'door' for her first ☺☺☺
lol lol you standing lifting the cat flap has made me chuckle.

Stating the obvious, but have you enticed her with food at otherside of cat flap, something tasty like, sardines, salmon etc.
When she's outside try keeping the flap partially open with a bit of string so that she can squeeze through without having to push the flap open with her head, ClaryS. If she does this a few times you can start leaving the flap progressively less open.
Push her though without lifting it first. She thinks normal practice is for her servant to lift it for her.
Just stop opening it for her. She'll get fed up eventually and just do it. (I bet she uses it constantly by herself when you're out ;-))
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We've tried everything. She's very fussy with food and would not look at a sardine or even a prawn. Yes she has us trained. As I've been reading this thread she's sitting staring at the cat flap then back at me then at the flap. So I've got up and opened it the tiniest bit so she had to push a bit herself, and she stuck the brakes on like a donkey, so I'm ashamed to say I stuffed her through probably faster than she actually wanted to go. Hopefully she'll get the message .
lol lol, I am now chuckling at you stuffing her through the cat flap.

I think its a case of 'being cruel to be kind' ClaryS, you are gonna have to tough it out with her and show her who is boss. lol lol
Lol. Can you video this and post a clip?
I think we kept the flap open for a day or so....tied it up somehow, so they got used to entering and leaving through it, then we pushed them though a few times, back and forth, with some cat treats on the other side.
Really didn't take long....but ours were kittens then and we never, ever, responded to miaowing to open it for them, just pushed them through.
Good luck to you, but I suspect it may be too late...

Clary - have you seen Evian's thread at the bottom of this page ?
If the cats food is indoors and the cat is outdoors, it will use the flap eventually!
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viv 38 just seen the related questions section thank you!

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Training A Cat To Use Cat Flap

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