dog having heavy sniffing bouts

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Tezzabell | 23:28 Thu 19th May 2011 | Pets
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my 11 month old whippet x italian greyhound has recently started to have heavy loud sniffing bouts! she is oerwie fine but occassionally, maybe twice (usually at night) she does maybe 4/5 heavy loud sniffs! she recently had (just over a week ago) her kennel cough jab, could it be something to do with this?


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Could it be reverse sneezing? Does she sort of snort and seem to suck in air? Just put your hand over her nose to close the airway for a few second and she will swallow/gulp and stop. Doesn't seem to do any harm, just something some dogs/breeds do. If you google 'reverse sneezing' you will see some videos of it.
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Yeah, something like that, that'll be it. Cheers ;-) xxx
Can be due to a problem with the soft palate, but not anything to worry about unless it really affects them and hinders their normal life.
agree with the above - I had a gsd/husky who did it a lot - everyone would assume she was dying! - she lived to a ripe old age - don't worry about it.
My two do this, they have soft palates and snort, snuffle, yelp, wheeze and kick their legs in their sleep. Like a human snoring and moving about when asleep, I think. The cat snores louder though, he drives me mad! But they're all healthy and it's quite cute sometimes, shows they are happy and relaxed.
If in doubt, ask your vet.

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dog having heavy sniffing bouts

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