Anyone seen that advert where....

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angel21 | 15:24 Wed 14th Jan 2009 | Adverts
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the little boy won't go for a poo in someone elses house because theres no touch air freshener thing. They actually use the word poo in it too. I just think its pathetic that the kid can't go to the loo because theres no air freshener to press afterwards and I find it really irritating they use the word poo on the television


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The most annoying adverts are usually the most successful.

(Except in Iceland's case. I wouldn't set foot in there because of the Kerry Katona connection)
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Yes I think they can be but with this advert I am so irritated by the little boy using the word poo that I can't remember which brand air freshener it was anyway.
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Oh hold on is it glade touch and fresh or something
I thoroughly agree angel, my daughter and I heard it and couldn't believe our ears. Is nothing sacred or sacrosanct these days? Awful!
That's not the one where the little lad who's sitting on the loo actually has a pen and draws the most rubbish picture ever, presumably on a sheet of loo roll, of the scent dispenser then passes it under the door, which is yards away, to his panicking mother who recognises somehow what's missing from the bathroom and somehow sorts it all out? Is it? If it is, then that producer needs a serious talking to. If not, can you post a link?
In my day we didn't even have toilet paper, let alone poncy air fresheners. They hadn't been invented. You'd wipe your a*se on a blade of grass and walk away contented.
[email protected] saxy_jag
isnt there a song about that jag??
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lol saxy.

Yes I think thats the same one cupof tea
Jesus you lot!!
He said the wod poo cos he wanted one!
Would you rather he said ****??
What do your kids say when they need a poo?!
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I know that people obviously do use this word but it just seems a bit weird to say it in an advert on national television like chrissa said is nothing sacred or sacrosanct these days (not sure what those words mean exactly but think chrissa is saying what I am trying too)
My God! Sacred?? Do you watch TV? It's all full of crap and horrible things. Watch an episode of Eastenders. That should get you going!!
It's worse than the 'It's all gone ! It's all gone ! ' advert that they ran....The kid had no air freshner left but had a pencil and paper to draw a picture on and even managed to push the paper under the door as the smell was that bad.
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haha yeah it is worse than that one
im sorry but the most annoying advert had to be that dfs one im so glad it got banned,
i see your point though,
how does that promote air freshner?
like all mums are going to go rushing out to by them because they think there kids wont be able to poo without it,
i dont think they should put perfume/air freshners adverts on tv,
you cant smell it? can you haha.

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Anyone seen that advert where....

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