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islandgirl | 13:14 Wed 14th Jan 2009 | Adverts
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Does anyone know who the actress in the advert is? I'm sure I emember her from a kids' programme a few years ago, and it's really starting to bug me now!

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She's from Bunny Town!!!

Was bugging us tonight too & in fact our google search directed us to this unanswered page.
This was bugging me for ages!! Then it dawned on me - she is Pinky Pinkerton from Playhouse Disneys Bunnytown. She does the super silly sports thing. Her real name is Polly Frame if you want to google her. Hope that helps.
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Thank you so much. I knew I recognised her but of course she isn't wearing the wig in the advert which is probably why it wouldn't come to me. Cheers for that.

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First Choice Thomson advert

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