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"The Beat Goes On...?"

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Jay_Jay | 12:59 Sat 24th Jun 2006 | Adverts
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Whose single entitled "The Beat Goes On" was featured in one of the adverts for 'PG Tips' (the one with the plasticine birds)? Included the lyrics "...history has turned a page ah-ha...".

May not have been the Sonny and Cher hit version, but by a British group (back in the Sixties) whose name I can't at the moment remember. Anyone?


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Question Author
No, it's not that one, B, but thanks for trying.

Pretty sure the band was the "someone Cullen Experience"? Julie Cullen Experience? I'm 'Googling', but can't find it.
"Beat Goes On" by All Seeing I
Ho Hum..... :-)

The advertising agency for PG Tips Free Flow may be able to help... did you see this one? 94

Time for my afternoon nap now lol....

B. xxxx
Question Author
Thanks, B! My query is now winging it's way to 'PG Tips'.
(Never though I'd be typing that!)

All Seeing I used the sample, but yes, it was THAT single.

Have also contacted 'Sounds Of The Sixties'. So, thanks, everyone! Ta-ra!

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"The Beat Goes On...?"

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