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I have tried Tescos Asda and Sainsburys over the last couple of years, and I find Sainsburys the best by far. Sainsburys were brilliant during lockdown and gave me priority slots because I am over 70 years old and was an existing customer. Tescos was awful - I couldn't get a delivery at all for three months. Asda didn't want to know. Sainsburys food is consistently fresh (I use a lot of fresh fruit and veg) whereas with Tescos I have had to ask for refund on more than one occasion because of wilting lettuce of spongy avocade. I would recommend Sainsburys every time.
"or" spongy avocado
Depends what you want- food, clothes, electrical equipment, cars.
Someone may clarify
Ringlet //Tescos was awful - I couldn't get a delivery at all for three months.//
That is strange, I had a priority spot from the time they were notified of my condition by NHS (still have it).Maybe they were not notified about you.
I don't know the reason Dannyk. Tescos were very non-committal when I emailed them and didn't give individual details. I had a "shielding" letter from my Doc which I copied to them, but it made not bit of difference. They finally gave me a priority slot at the beginning of August, after four months unable to get a delivery from them. I'm glad you had a better experience. I think maybe it depended on the region where we live.
Ringlet //I think maybe it depended on the region where we live.//
That is very possible.
Do you mean for delivery or click and collect? It might be worth comparing if the cost is important to you.
Tried out various outlets for food home delivery.

Found Tesco's to be the best in organising and delivering. Sainsbury's not bad but a bit haphazard at times. Quality of food supplied (veg and fruit, fresh and crisp) was about the same. Eventually switched to 'Click and Collect' and found Tesco's even better, with better signage and little waiting time.

Waitrose, Morrisons were both totally useless, never managed to get anything booked or delivered, gave up with them.

I was listed as 'vulnerable' by Tesco's and Sainbury's very early on.
I don't understand why you would try the others ringlet if sainsburys were so good and gave you priority slots
Strangely I have never ever been a Tesco shopper - no particular reason - but since shopping on line I happily use them in preference to anyone else. They are efficient and the website is easy to use and I think that - in particular - their fresh stuff is excellent. Any problems are dealt with by phone at once. Delivery slots were difficult in the beginning but now I can usually get a slot easily for the next day or the one after.
I've never yet been able to get a Sainsbury slot. Waitrose are good but have £60 minimum spend. An advantage is that you get an email beforehand telling you about any substitutions. I still think their fresh fruit and veg not as good as Tesco.
I should have added that Iceland is a good alternative - next day deliveries in my area any way and £30 minimum for free delivery. There is a reasonable range of fresh stuff plus groceries in addition to frozen.
//I don't understand why you would try the others Ringlet if sainsburys were so good and gave you priority slots//

I don't really feel that I need to justify myself on that one, Bednobs, but I will anyway since you specifically mentionit. Tescos carry some items that Sainsburys do not (eg particular type of cat food). Similarly, Asda carry different items that Tescos and Sainsburys do not (eg some types of vegetarian Indian food). The key word is variety. We all look for it. We all tend to shop around for the specific things we like.
Ok keep your knickers on :)
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