Annoying Asda Advert

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nicelander | 21:53 Sat 26th Sep 2020 | Adverts
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Could someone please tell me what that man is saying on the new ASDA advwrt at the end?
I've seen it 50 times recently and I can't understand a word at the end.


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This one?

View with closed captions:
"pocket tap, pocket tap, it's a pocket tap for our times".
Probably none the wiser! :o)
He may be saying, get a life?
Using Calibax' suggestion of checking the captions, but going to the actual end, he says "they'll probably cut that, won't they?"
switch over, i do...
we don't get that one here
i wish they would ban all ads, but of course that won't happen
Having watched that advert now, I can't wait to go shopping at Asda.
Since the invention of one of THE most marvellous gizmos of the 20th century -


I have never knowingly heard a TV advert.

I would urge all brain-alive people to make full use of this device and protect themselves from the childish *** that spews forth from our TVs.
^ that's the great thing about only watching recorded programmes, no need to see any adverts

A just listened and it was something like
Just doin a commercial mate, ring you back in 5 , Theyll probly cut that wont they
On the other hand, the new Sainsbury's ad. for autumn fruit an veg. and making delicious meals is fab! I love the silliness of it.
That guy is so familiar. Was he Joey in Benidorm?
^ actor and DJ named Muzz Khan
So not Joey then. Thanks aelmpvw
07:33, yep rarely see/hear an ad, I record everything and FF through the ads.

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Annoying Asda Advert

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