Cadbury - Bar Of Chocklit For My Mum Please.

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dance2trance | 10:19 Fri 08th Mar 2019 | Adverts
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This advert poses deep metaphysical thoughts about the role of women in society and the very nature of our human existence. Can you explain it?

For example, at the end of the advert a sexy female voice which runs counter to the innocent female child's voice - thereby indicating innocence is doomed to a path of indifference and lies and casual sex as indicated by the mother talking in the street on her mobile - informs me that there is 'a glass and a half in every one'. Does she mean that I have a 'glass and a half' in me? If so what is it? Is it beer? Gin? Vodka?

Does the sexy voice mean there is a glass and a half of milk in every bar? If so does it vary with bar size? or piece size? Why is this not quantified? Why does the voice promise casual easy sex by referring to 'every one'? How does that mesh in with the child's innocence? If it is milk in the 'choklit' and it is important - and remember the sexy voice does not say there is any chocolate in a 'choklit' bar - then why is it called 'Chocklit' should it not be called 'Milklit'?

Does the advert not point out that childhood innocence leads to indifference and casual sexual encounters through the medium of commercial activity?

Even more worrying the shop keeper gives her back the tiny green unicorn toy saying it is 'change' but she actually 'over paid' in this fantasy as she used it to 'buy' her 'choklit' so does that gesture indicate male deceipt? What do buttons actually signify to men? Why did he take them? The plastic ring signals a failed marriage (mum is alone) or broken dreams (Cinderella and Princesses).

Why is it dark and rainy outside the shop? Does it represent the deep turmoil of the human soul in the first quarter of the 21 century?

Bet this has taken your mind off Brexit and Neverland!!! have a nice weekend folks!!


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It's a melancholy advert aint it.. Little girl has no money, the guy takes some toys for a chocolate bar,then she gives it to he mum for her birthday whislt she's standing in the rain on the phone obviously busy
10:34 Fri 08th Mar 2019
It's interesting you find the advert referencing to sexual relations because Cadbury use the colour purple on their packaging to make you relate it to seduction.

You know the monkey advert?

Apparently that got women going because of the purple backdrop and the very masculine hench monkey breathing and drumming.. seductive chocolate
The 'glass and a half in every bar' has been around for a very long time and means there is a glass and a half in every half pound of milk chocolate - or in today's currency 426ml of milk in every 227g of milk chocolate.

How you equate 'in every one' to be a sexual reference is beyond my ken and there is no sexier chocolate advert voice than the caramel bunny's - Miriam Margolyes. That advert gave me a very useful lesson, never arrange a blind date based on the voice at the end of a telephone :D

It is dark and rainy outside the shop because we all know a bar of chocolate can cheer up the foulest of days.

The kind shopkeeper gave the little girl her trinket back because she looked at it longingly after she handed over all her treasures, it is obviously her favourite.

How you can even think about casual sex in relation to the little girl is creepy.
It's a melancholy advert aint it.. Little girl has no money, the guy takes some toys for a chocolate bar,then she gives it to he mum for her birthday whislt she's standing in the rain on the phone obviously busy
You need to get out more!
I thought Patsy Byrne did the Caramel voiceover
There could have been two versions but I only know of the Miriam Caramel bunny advert, Calibax

To me this advert says:

The mother is too busy on the phone to notice where her daughter has gone.

If she was paying attention to the daughter would the mother not have made sure that she had money before going into the shop?
Well you have just shattered for me what is my favourite advert of all on tv at the moment.
Who knows why the mother is on her phone outside the shop? Maybe the little girl wanted to surprise her and asked her to wait outside . It's a lovely, thoughtful advert . The girl's eyes and hesitant way she places each one of her precious possessions on the counter says far more than words. The little pony is her prized one and it takes a lot of deliberation before she parts with it, but she does because she loves her mum. The gesture of kindness by the shopkeeper in giving the pony back to her shows a depth of understanding that is missing in a lot of people. It's a good advert!!!
I agree with Andres.
That' exactly what I think andres! :)
there is a glass and a half of empathy in everyone, shown by the daughter parting with the pony, the shop keeper giving he pony back as change and even shown by the mum obviously a bit overworked / busy but still stopping and letting her daughter know her gratitude.

Methinks someone has too much time on their hands.
i'm missing so much, i fast forward all adverts
thanks ^^^^
D2T, I think you're overthinking this.

I wonder what Freud would have made of his interpretation of what he had seen.
Having read the above - I certainly don't know one shop keeper who would give you a bar of choclit for a button.
I must be very simple, all I see is a sweet advert! Dance2trance can now remove tongue from cheek.
I think some are losing sight of the fact that this was an imaginary situation not real life.
Aelmpvw. How do you fast forward adverts?

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