Cadbury - Bar Of Chocklit For My Mum Please.

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dance2trance | 09:19 Fri 08th Mar 2019 | Adverts
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This advert poses deep metaphysical thoughts about the role of women in society and the very nature of our human existence. Can you explain it?

For example, at the end of the advert a sexy female voice which runs counter to the innocent female child's voice - thereby indicating innocence is doomed to a path of indifference and lies and casual sex as indicated by the mother talking in the street on her mobile - informs me that there is 'a glass and a half in every one'. Does she mean that I have a 'glass and a half' in me? If so what is it? Is it beer? Gin? Vodka?

Does the sexy voice mean there is a glass and a half of milk in every bar? If so does it vary with bar size? or piece size? Why is this not quantified? Why does the voice promise casual easy sex by referring to 'every one'? How does that mesh in with the child's innocence? If it is milk in the 'choklit' and it is important - and remember the sexy voice does not say there is any chocolate in a 'choklit' bar - then why is it called 'Chocklit' should it not be called 'Milklit'?

Does the advert not point out that childhood innocence leads to indifference and casual sexual encounters through the medium of commercial activity?

Even more worrying the shop keeper gives her back the tiny green unicorn toy saying it is 'change' but she actually 'over paid' in this fantasy as she used it to 'buy' her 'choklit' so does that gesture indicate male deceipt? What do buttons actually signify to men? Why did he take them? The plastic ring signals a failed marriage (mum is alone) or broken dreams (Cinderella and Princesses).

Why is it dark and rainy outside the shop? Does it represent the deep turmoil of the human soul in the first quarter of the 21 century?

Bet this has taken your mind off Brexit and Neverland!!! have a nice weekend folks!!


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^ the small amount of tv that i watch is recorded
Very good, have a good weekend yourself Dance.
Flipping heck.....and there was me thinking what a sweet advert andwondering if the shop keeper gave the little girl her treasures back the next day. What an odd thing to think over an advert that is simply trying to part you from your money. I live in a different world....I am delighted to say......Who doen't know that there is a glass and a half of full cream milk in every bar of chocolate? That advert was going 50 years ago.....
^^^^80 years and now they have had to drop it . Something to do with EU regulations .
Seems not everyone read to the end of the OP.
^^^ point taken and duly noted.
-- answer removed --

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Cadbury - Bar Of Chocklit For My Mum Please.

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