What Does 'lee Sees' Mean In The Jeep Renegade Ad?

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David H | 16:49 Tue 20th Mar 2018 | Adverts
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In the radio ad for the Jeep Renegade they always end it with the words 'lee sees'. This is not any recognisable form of English but they have a few ads which all say it. Is it some sort of code we are not supposed to understand?


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I can't hear it!

The only thing I can think of that you might be mishearing (in a different advert) is "T's & C's"
^^^ i thought of that, Emeritus, but (even if the ad referred to company leasing of vehicles), I couldn't quite see how it could be used at the end of an ad.
Its a Radio Ad Chris, so it could be the last word in the T and Cs ramble at the end, like

Excluding Leasees ?
It says PCP sales, which stands for Personal Contract Purchase, but like Buenchico says, I can't hear "lee sees" either.
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That's a different ad. There are three now with two different men and one woman, they've been on LBC for about six weeks with the new ones starting earlier this month. The wording for all is identical but I haven't found it online.
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It was just on LBC at 11.45 but I missed it, I'm recording it now and will add more details when I get them.
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It's the Fiat 127 Spider, I just recorded it. I think the original one in January may have been for a Jeep Renegade but I think it may be the rental company who's doing the ad rather than the manufacturers.
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Turns out it's Leasys, the actual company advertising.
Upload your audio file here and provide us with a link, please. Then we'll know what it is that you're referring to:
Crossed posts!


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What Does 'lee Sees' Mean In The Jeep Renegade Ad?

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