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MASS1961 | 23:51 Fri 15th Jun 2012 | Adverts
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Just stumbled on an old Irn Bru advert thread of yours.

Mainly for the Scots out there.......

I work for Barr's and thought you may like the link to some of the ads that didn't make it to the TV. Sometimes a bit too risque, although we get complaints about most of the ads.

Most ads only shown in Scotland others sometimes shown south of the border.



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Awwwww cheers mass ill have a look and a giggle i loooove bru ads xxx
Made in Scotland from giRRRdeRRRs...
Ah used tae humph ginger fur them tae son.
Question Author
You'll see why some ended up on the cutting room floor.

Latest ad in Scotland..

maybe coming south soon dependent on cost.

Goto link select Home
Click "watch this ad", already received a few complaints about this one

Had quite a few calls concerned about the laddie in the Snowman ad!!

Girders is in there for you Mark & Wharton too under "favourite ads"
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Hi 10ClarionSt,

Not sure where you worked or when and i'm sorry you've obviously had bad experiences with Barr.
I can only say what I see and I am more than happy working for them.


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