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Thanks Everyone (and Thank God It's Friday)

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AB Editor | 16:10 Fri 14th Jan 2011 | Editor's Blog
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Dear All,

I would like to thank every one of you who came by and answered there poll here:

I think it'll help us out greatly.

You may have noticed that we've tried to bring a little more order to the place recently. I hope you don't mind, but it should make for a better site in the long run.

We have a new Tech FAQ over here:
http://www.theanswerb...y/Question976967.html hopefully this will help out the patient heroes of the Technology section.

And we've begun discussing some rules for discussion here: http://www.theanswerb...s/Question977609.html I'll come back to this soon and present a revised edition for you. Obviously, they're only guidelines, but hopefully it will produce a better standard of debate.

If you've got further contributions to make, please do!

Where ever you are, I hope you have blue skies like we do - blue skies and a Friday afternoon rolling itself in slowly.

Also, this is rather nice:

slow burn from frazerchurchill

Spare Ed



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Thanks Ed - send the blues skies this way please, it's tiddling down here and I have to go to the dentist in a minute....;-(
Question Author
Oh dear, that doesn't sound like a good way to end the week!
have a good weekend ed
well its night time here in Phuket but i did have blue skies here!
will be good to see people stop bickering over small little things so hopefully your guidelines will help. have a good weekend Ed
Cheers, Ed - at least it gets the dentist over and done with before the weekend! now where's that blue sky....?
Grey skies here in North Norfolk!!

Thanks for keeping in contact with us all!!

Enjoy your weekend.
BLUE SKY!!! are you on the pop or on another planet,, well you got the day right sp..
Question Author
I think you'll have to come to it Boxtops, I am holding on to it tightly!

You too MccFluff.

Lumi, where is your blog again? Also if you wanted a few articles to your name we'd happy stick up some of your travel insights on AB?

Spare Ed
It's a bit of everything in Derbyshire!
Thanks Ed & that that but before you leave the building can you give the notifications gizmo a thump please because I'm not receiving any.
Well cheers Spare Ed. I just looked out the window towards the West and there is a lot of blue sky!!! Did you arrange that?

It's quite odd there is a very distinct line between the grey and the blue!!
*all that... not that that! :o)
Question Author
365058bet - honest!

LoftyLottie - We're trying our best to stay connected to you all. Let us know if there is anything you need (which can be supplied at little or no cost!)

All the best,

Spare Ed
Lottie off to make a list of all that she needs!!!!
Question Author
I'll ask, Robinia.

Yep, that sky was probably my fault!

Take your time with the list Lottie...

Spare Ed
Hi Ed........Hope you tell us in due course what has been achieved from the poll. I am not a Statistician but I think your poll is somewhat flawed; in as much as the section 'Where Are You From' will perhaps establish (as a percentage) the distribution of ABers North and South within the British Isles but it will not give you a true figure for those who live in overseas countries.


there it is Ed, and that could be fun! would give me something to write about while im waiting around at bus stations and airports! would you like to email me and let me know more of the stuff your're looking for? ill take a look at some of the articles you have done to get a bigger picture.
Sorry I know this isnt the place for me to write a question. I must be thick, because when I log into AB I cant see anywhere to post a question.There used to be a place at the top of the page to write any question. .Can anyone help please, maybe I am just having a serious senior moment. Thank you
on the left, when you click on a subject, it will say near the top 'type your question title here...' or something like that, just click there and another little box will appear where you type in your question. hope that helps.
Thanks lumination. It used to have a box to "type your question" but that doesnt come up any more. I can do answers, but not questions :((
Hi beattie...You need to be able to ask a question somewhere. However if you are unable to do so in an appropriate section, you are then unable to post a poser to the experts in 'Technology': unless you 'break into' a thread in that section. Alternatively you could submit details to the Editor's Techies, by way of the following link;-

I am thinking that you may have a problem with you computer's Browser. So you will need to let Techies know what Browser you have.

Sorry I can't give a definitive answer to your problem.


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Thanks Everyone (and Thank God It's Friday)

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