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Welcome To 2011

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AB Editor | 15:54 Tue 04th Jan 2011 | Editor's Blog
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Good Afternoon to you all!

I hope everyone is feeling refreshed and recharged. For those of you returning to work, I hope you've not got the same "Sticky-Toffee-Pudding-Brain" feeling I have today!

Any gossip? As I was only on half-duty I've missed most of the juicy stuff I am sure.

Hope you like the Logo change - it is an old one, but one of my favourites.

We should have a Q&P round up finished for the Quizzer & Puzzlers today or tomorrow. We should also have the Technology section's FAQ ready to go shortly as well. We'll make a shortcut url so everyone can remember it easily for the technologically baffled.

All the best,

Spare Ed


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Phew, glad you will make it easy to find for the technologically baffled, I'd never find it otherwise :)

Happy new year, Ed.
There is someone out to get all us oldies,ED.........please protect us,before we all get cantankerous and crochety....and slam their kneecaps

happy new year ed!

i'm missing my afternoon nap!
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Question Author
Excellent stuff!

Chuck, I think you'll like it when it is done. We'll use something like or (other, better, ideas welcomed). We'll also need some input once the first draft is done.

I think you "oldies" are smart enough to keep those granny-bashers at bay Pasta!

You and me both McFluff. Although I think I should be able to avoid ballooning up into your avatar's size with a few hours away from an oven/hob/nibbles/cheese/left-overs

Cheers for that Pinki!

When can we expect a bit more light in the evenings? I can never remember if I have to wait until March for evening running/biking or whether it comes sooner than that.

All the best,

It's getting lighter already...I can tell because I can take the dog out 2 minutes later each evening........;-))
Happy New Year S. Ed...and yes, you're right, since when have oldies been scaredies?

It's about a month after the shortest day when you really notice a difference in the depends on the weather of course....
Question Author
I just need enough light and a little warmth (10 degrees would be superb!) to get me out before it all goes dark and rubbish!

It's that, or get back into squash.

Spare Ed
It's supposed to be 10deg down here by Friday...everyone will be in shorts and flipflops....
Question Author
I was down your way to celebrate the New Year rolling in Pasta (a bit past your area though I think though) it was lovely an warm - all that defeated me were the insanely steep hills in the town/village I stayed in.

you celebrated the new year by rolling in pasta??? What is this, some rural tradiition?
LOL that's what I read, too!

Ed, I do like the Big Ben logo - but how about having pics from all round the UK? there are a lot of us on the perimeters for whom London is a very long way off.... something more local for the rest of us from time to time?
Not that I am comparing AB with Google you understand, but they have very innovative logos to commemorate this and that, these days.
*rolling in Pasta*

I'm really not sure how to take that...........
Hi Spare, why are you allowed to do html linking when we are not? ;-)
Pasta "or get back into squash" - sounds like Ed is getting close up and personal, LOL.

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