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AB Editor | 11:29 Sun 26th Dec 2010 | Editor's Blog
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How are we all today? Hope you've got room for leftovers!

Has AB been to your satisfaction this Christmas? It's certainly been to mine, it was quiet on the reporting front and the place seemed rather cheery.

What are your plans today? I have further family visitation in the afternoon, and, of course, a futile run against the food tide of the season!

Have fun!

Spare Ed


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It's a nice sunny day but I have an upset stomach (malaria pills, not Christmas pudding) so I shall be commuting between AB and bathroom.
Morning Ed.

I've not been on much because we've been doing family stuff. Santa was very good to all of us though.

It's "Christmas Day" in the BM household today as we have the children. So I am about to go start cooking the turkey. Not that I can eat another thing after yesterday AND I have a crushing hangover!!!!!
i have a poorly cat who keeps sneezing on me, think we shall both stay in the warm today, sod the pub (did i actually say that...)
Ed - think someone is impostering Fluffy. The real Fluffy would never say "sod the pub".
i think aliens took me away
It is a toss up between braving the sales in Kingston or waiting for cold turkey with bubble and squeak and champagne. I think I might give the sales a miss.
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237S7 - Good Call!

Jno - I'm sorry to hear you're a bit off! Especially as it isn't self inflicted - as all Christmas issues should be!

"McFluff" - Sounds like a heavy day. Ideally though, the kids will be in a state of turkey/sweets hangover as much as you are? If they are it'll make the shuffling of them about much easier!

Im having normal food today HURRAH!!!
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Having home-made chips today for lunch made by my grandmother (who is the Queen of Chips) - there will be cold meats from last night as well, but I'm looking forward to it as much as you are Cazzz!
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"... my grandmother (who is the Queen of Chips) ..."

30 years ago, I bought my first car from a Croupier, is your Gran's name Janice? lol

Today, cold meats, pickles, bubble ... and the toughest choice I've had to make this year ... Do I open the SoCo or the Jameson?
I've been busy since Friday so I wasn't on AB for a few days. Good to be back though. I had just plain old leftover turkey and veg for dinner earlier and made some fresh gravy to put over it. I did make some choc truffles Thursday night which have gone down a treat over the last couple of days.

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