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Feb 22Nd 6 Pm - Server Maintenance

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ABSpareEditor | 13:54 Mon 19th Feb 2024 | Editor's Blog
13 Answers

At or just after 6 pm on February 22nd, The AnswerBank will be unavailable for roughly one hour as there is planned server maintenance. 

We apologise for any inconvenience. 



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Bump - it just occurred to me that this is today...

I presume everyone's taken note of the OP & won't be moaning & whining that they weren't warned ðŸĪŠ

You'd better still be doing this, SpareEd...

On no!!! What ever am I gonna do??? Deep breaths.

Is there an helpline???

Oh no! What will I do for a whole hour? 😭

Sharon - "an 'elpline", shurely?

Just trying to be helpful, folks.  I know it beggars belief, given the even-tempered souls on AB, but people have actually complained in the past that no-one told them the site would be down 😂

Thank you so much L-i K x

Have they forgotten about it?

at peak time - to keep some techy nerd happy - not on.

Are we there yet? The site seems better when it is off. 😅

That Christmas poll is taking some shifting. ðŸĪ”

is that/was that GMT?

I missed the switch off.

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Feb 22Nd 6 Pm - Server Maintenance

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