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Any Mods About Tonight??

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Hazlinny | 20:56 Thu 19th Oct 2023 | Editor's Blog
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Check See how this goes thread - names starting F and N


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Question Author

At least one fake!

Oh, now I get it 😀

😀 The F one has been flagged up by several on other threads (e.g.douglas etc and I pointed out on another site he claims to be from USSR).  I suspect the N you refer to is me! I was simply trying to discreetly draw attention to the F poster.

Question Author

^^  If you say so 🤣

He's been posting since Monday and although the posts have been unusual, I have been aware of them and I've seen no need to take any action.

Thanks for pointing it out anyway. 

Question Author

^^ From day one, it was obvious who he is  .. must be laughing all the way to the next post!

Posts are a bit different though. I'm not so sure. Threads aren't being disrupted. 

Really can't be suspicious of everyone.

The other day, I was deleting multiple accounts one after the other as were other Mods and the posts were duplicates.


This new member is posting under one name and has posted only 6 questions and 8 answers since Monday.

His style might be out of the ordinary but it is not disruptive and others are free to ignore him.


If you want to raise your concerns, you can email the Spare Ed and include my opinion if you want to.

Question Author

I had already reported it before your reply came through. I am not in the habit of complaining about posters but this particular one does just not ring true.  Also, I did not want the thread to go the way of the previous one with many "answer removed" on it.  I take on board what you say - thanks.

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