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Attaching Content On To Questions.

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William51 | 17:41 Fri 06th Oct 2023 | Editor's Blog
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   Can you help?. How do you attach articles and pictures on to questions?.



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Thanks, THECORBYLOON. I've added that to the FAQs page: https
12:18 Thu 12th Oct 2023

If they exist on the Internet, just provide the URL.

If they only exist on hard copy, scan them or take a photo of them with your phone and upload them to a content sharing site such as TinyPic

Unfortunately, The AnswerBank doesn't allow images to be directly posted into questions and answers, mainly because we don't want to host offensive images, which is a possibility when you have image uploading functionality. 

Links to articles and images can be posted in questions and answers. 

I have suggested that instructions on how to upload images be added to the quiz guidelines as that would help folk asking for answers or clues to picture quizzes.

Thanks, THECORBYLOON. I've added that to the FAQs page:

Just testing if I've managed to add a pic.

Is that you Sandy ?


Yes, tis me.

Arrhhhh !!!!!

Nightmares !

Don't look, don't look !


Does anyone else get adverts when they view the pictures?

Yes Barsel (it's how the sites are funded)

Thanks Canary. I really am fed up with adverts all over the place.

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Attaching Content On To Questions.

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