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Buenchico | 12:37 Fri 26th Nov 2021 | Editor's Blog
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Dear Ed . . .

I seem to recall you writing that AB didn't want ads with sound automatically playing. (I certainly don't. I'm often listening to internet radio in one tab while browsing AB with another. Audio ads then cut across the programming that I'm listening to).

Most video ads that load at the foot of pages here do so with the sound disabled (requiring me to click on the speaker button if I wish to unmute the sound) but recently North Face ("More than a jacket") ads have been popping up with the sound enabled. Can we lose them, please?


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I've not gotten North Face ads yet. But I nearly hit the ceiling sometimes when my sound is on, and one of those tiny ads comes on blasting noise.
Thanks, I'll look into this.
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Ads With Audio

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