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theprof | 00:28 Thu 27th Jun 2019 | Editor's Blog
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At 1832 on Sunday 23 June, I answered a question from Mike651T4 in the Science section regarding Uranium glass. For some reason, both the question and my reply have disappeared. It was a simple question with a straightforward answer and would not seem to warrant removal. Very odd.


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I read the thread too and had a conversation here about it - all I can think is that the OP went on to somehow blot his copybook and get removed.

Shame, it was a decent question and good reply too.

Perhaps someone thought he was selling something...?
This person was banned due to spamming, so all of their questions and answers went with them.
Question Author
I understand. Thank you all for clarifying the matter.
oh yeah OK
you ask a q about uranium glass
( is that called a teaser - too marilyn monroe-ish boop a doop!)

and then when you come out with a finely crafted answer
which took time to construct and type

the answer is a load of spam [and you are left with: I really neednt have bovvered]

it happens ( to me )

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