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Can’T Find “Best Answer Facility “.

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telboy1938 | 10:53 Thu 16th Nov 2017 | Editor's Blog
6 Answers
Can’t find the “Best Answer “ facility


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No best answer has yet been selected by telboy1938. Once a best answer has been selected, it will be shown here.

For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ.
go into your profile, it should be there, profile will say threads involving me, etc.
profile is top of screen on the right, click on it.
Look down telboy
it should appear in the respondents box.

But having said which, I've read that depending on ab'ers browers etc, they can't access the 'answer now' box either :-(
Does the poster mean how do they award a best answer ?
The 'Best Answer Facility' is only available to the actual Poster of a Question.

You will see alongside the Avatars of all Answers you have had to your question in this thread, the words 'Mark as Best Answer'. A click of your mouse pointer on the words will give that person 'Best Answer'. However, if someone then comes along with what you think is an even better answer, then a click alongside that person's Avatar will change the originally nominated recipient of 'Best Answer' to the new poster.


1 to 6 of 6rss feed

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Can’T Find “Best Answer Facility “.

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