Number Of Answers Is Tagged To The Date

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THECORBYLOON | 12:38 Sat 18th Jan 2014 | Editor's Blog
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I'm using a 'phone so this may not be happening on laptops. The number of answers to a question is showing as tagged on to the date of the question, there is no gap. The question font appears to have changed so it may be a result of a change in the format but it is confusing to say the least.


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I also use a phone. If i go to latest posts, it says something like-
32 answers last by gness 18/01/14 or similar.

I can't copy it, as touching it takes me to the thread. Is that what you mean?
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On this one it shows, "11:38 Sat 18th Jan 20141 answer, last by pixie373 11:45 Sat 18th Jan 2014" the fonts for the date and the number of answers are slightly different in size but there is no gap between them. Also, in the categories, the font for the question titles is much larger than before. It may be a change in layout that needs sorting out.
Are you using "mobile AB"? I've tried it, but am used to scrolling around, so i don't use it. There's a link at the bottom of the page. I do have gaps on mine. The first part you've put is on the left and the second part on the right. It could be that you're more used to laptop? So it looks more squashed up.
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I am not using mobile AB, tried that once and didn't like it. I've used the 'phone for ages and it's only this morning that I seen the change.
Oh strange. I can't see any difference on mine.
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Just switched the 'phone off and on and it's all back to normal and the fonts have gone back to the regular sizes. There must have been something happened to the 'phone through the night.
Yes, it's maybe done some sort if update. At least it's back to normal now!
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Number Of Answers Is Tagged To The Date

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