The Jump!

A young man joins the Air Force. He writes to his father, saying that he is really frightened about the upcoming parachute exercises. A few months later he gets leave and goes home. His father asks, "So, how did the parachute jump go, son?" Son replies, "Well, Dad, it came time for me to jump and I froze at the door. My drill sergeant comes up behind me. He is a really big tough bloke. He said to me that I had to either jump out of the plane or he was going to "do me" with his 12-incher!"
Father says, "Well, Son, did you jump?
"Just a little at first" said the son.
12:07 Fri 30th Mar 2012
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Hee-hee, very good. Jem, it doesn't matteer what time you put jokes on - I read all of them just to have a laugh.
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Perhaps I should have posted this one in the evening when more peeps are around eh?

Hee-hee, very good. Jem, it doesn't matteer what time you put jokes on - I read all of them just to have a laugh.

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