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2 3 4 Next Last Real credibility!... Another U-turn ! Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he was willing to go to the conciliation service after initially refusing when the strike ballot results... Spectacular U-Turn from Osborne ! "The chancellor was forced to rethink plans to cut £4.4bn from tax credits for low paid workers in April after they... Yes one must...
No reduction in Tax Credits. No reduction in policing. All the protest on AB, yet no-one congratulating the Chancellor. What about the Shadow Chancellor? Oh dear.
Its just about to begin but I have noticed a number of MP's are wearing red ribbons - Isn't World Aids Day 1 December?
What is the name of the Weekend part of breakfast news when the public write in and have their letters read on air,what is the presenters name ?
A ploy no doubt to try to avoid punitive claims. I don't fancy their chances.
.....especially based on arbitrary opinion on some medical condition or other. Why bleedin not? what possible legal reason should stop us naming and shaming the pond life that did this? Can't bare cruelty...
In site of the recent enthusiasm for singing the French National Anthem, it seems more of us are wanting to turn our backs on Europe.... Could Russia attack Turkey?... " Mr Naseer avoided deportation after a judge ruled it was likely he would not be safe if he returned to Pakistan."... typical of the loony liberal... Apologies if it has...
the Russians are saying it was one of theirs.

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