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6d Traveller in pain on small yacht's prow (5) 16a Emphatic about corporal,say,being out of step(12) ???O?S?????? 14d Classified government order (9)...
12a. chief is calling monetary centre(6)-I-c-l
_ _ R _ _ R_ C _ A _ T
stuck on 2 please 9 ac good doctors don't prescribe such treatment 3 letters I-l and 20 down suitable charge 3 letters d-e thanks in advance
Help please. 38a. George R R Martin's series of novels that forms the basis of A Game of Thrones. A Song of F?R? A?D ?C?. The Series is called A song of ice and fire. But mine looks like Fire and Ice....
35a Continue for longer than (7)?u???s? thanks...
16D. A device used to cause confusion in large crowds, protest, etc (5,4) ??O???O??
5. Entry document? Don't ask me! (4). 7. Game without others (4). Any help much appreciated, Thank you....
Has anyone got the 8th island?
14d - ?i?t? e?e? Happy and sentimental to the point of crying. Thanks for help. Lost the obvious again
3D. The frothiest? Yes,it's tea, surprisingly (9) ??????E?T
Last one any help please ... 7d Its uncontrolled greed and it makes you nutty as a fruitcake (8) D?R?N?E?. Many thanx in advance ☺...
can anyone help with my last clue please? 17A perfect, ideal (7) ?D?L?I? thanks....
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Last one 7 down-Came to pass again ?e?u?
Hi all...11a. Peak of perfection (4). 14a. Period or stage (5). 2d. Completely (10)
Hi All, I'm having a few problems on this weeks crossword: 20a That's rubbish, mate! (4) T_S_ - is this TOSH, if so why? 28d Last Letter supporting love over in European city (4) L_N_ (The L may be...
Just one left .... transported from point after time, bearing north (6) e?r?m? Many thanks, Chox....
(27A) A number of the bosses urgently returned to work out the artful dodges (5) r?s?s Thanks for any help...
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Stuck on last two 14 across-I am his favourite subject E?o??? 15 down-Spend out on large outside plant ??l?r?e
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