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Afternoon, can you please help with 12 down, clue:- Extra. ten letters, I have ????T????? thank you for your help.
1d) Carve small incision round album (6) 3d) He dithers over this change (4) 13a) Restraint by seat felt loose (6,4) 15a) A good orator varies his delivery of these verbs say (5,2,6)] 26d) Begin...
Hello, wife in trouble again... needs help with these two. 1a.Mystic's confused about energy affecting whole body (8). ??S?????. 9a. Some consonants are like private thoughts(8) ??V?????. Thanks
14d) can anyone please parse...NARCOLEPSY for me? If right, 29ac) becomes YOKE ......why?...
27a Notes land specially set aside (3) R?S res as in reserve- set aside??
1a. Sailor (U.S. sl) (3) 5a. Turkish Chief Officer (4) 4d. Gullet of voracious animal (3) Thank you...
10A Someone who carries on when big animal's about 6L ?E?R?R
23down, Petty details of little knowledge (6) t?i?i?
15D Pants running round lake, getting inflated praises 9L ??F?E?I?S
22d) Inclination - hunter follows it (6) 27d) Loves going round walls of small capital (4) 31a) Enter old complex with pleasant smell (8) Thanks for any help!...
16down, Only leaps right out, for my own part (10) p?r?o???l? 27accross, Might turn alarming if its on the borderline (8) m???t??? 26down, Noah cried "hello" initially atop his vessel to call...
hi there does anyone have the answer for the word in the shades...
28a) incorrigible drunken teenager ruined with no ID (12) .n.e...e....
27 across. Eccentric socialist starts dismissal (3,4) R?D/?A?D
does anyone know who this singer is 6,7 s????? o?o?n?r
10a case of depression/ not right (5) c-a-e
Last one 23d wild game ducks unlimited (5) Thanks...
4d South coast constituency leftist was suspended (7) 19a Popular soap cut by us legal officer it's violent entertainment (7) 30a Rewrite losing some words like selfie and twerk (10) 8d Having power...
Hi stuck on a few clues if anyone can help. Thanks in advance 2d plump ?e?m? 3d kick felt when firing a gun ?e?o?? 24a increase (sound) ?m????? 25d foremost part or side ??o?t Regards Geraldine...
7 down: a case of rubbish in inferior play (8) ---h-r-e? Thanks in advance

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