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9956brianf | 19:46 Mon 09th Jun 2008 | Weather
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Hi, because of the climate change, I wondered what sort of future temperatures we can expect for our summers and winters here in the U.K.?


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Hi Brian,I think its anybodies guess we have lived in Spain for nearly 6 years and have never had such a cold wet start to the summer as this year we are still waiting for it to start,we get the odd warm morning then by afternoon it has been replaced with cloud and rain. previous years the lowest temp at this time has been 78f.
The major problem about answering questions on climatic variances is the future position of the northern jet stream.

The jet stream is key to possible changes in the weather in the UK.

The last REALLY cold winter was, believe or not, in 1963.

Since then, although you would find few people you could convince of it, winters have been relatively mild and show no signs of any change soon.

Of course, now I've typed that, this coming cold season will be a stinker and I will never post an answer again.

The jet stream, on the best current climate models, may split on approach to the UK mainland and force depressions straight at us, making winters wetter but milder, especailly in Scotland, but the whole country should be a bit more damp.

So less skiing and more water skiing for the very hardy!

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