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Most boring topic ever?

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hundreddolla | 18:41 Mon 15th Oct 2007 | Weather
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Is "Weather" the most boring topic on AB EVER?


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If not the most - at least a very strong contender in my humble opinion Hundred.

If you are about to climb on a bike and ride to work it is interesting to know if you are going to arrive dry or sodden.

Can you explain why an identical-looking sky can yield either interminable heavy rain one day, yet nary a drop on another ?
if i could explain that whiffey i certainly wouldnt be sittin here on answerbank, I'd be way too clever
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Typical "Weather" Post -

"It's looking like rain where i am."

"It's quite sunny here"

"It's snowing here"

Couldn't the AB mods have come up with a better topic to discuss?

Perhaps we could have a "Paint Drying" section.

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Most boring topic ever?

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