Iceland...More than just a Supermarket?

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

When you hear the word Iceland do you think of quality frozen foods? Well you should be thinking of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Being only a short distance away, easy to get to and exotic, this is the perfect place to chill out and unwind. Iceland has plenty of choice for relaxing indulgence and pampering yourself to make your visit to this beautiful country one to remember.

Why Choose Iceland?

The chilliest thing about Iceland is its name, with January temperatures in the capital Reykjavik reaching higher temperatures than New York. As well as the temperature being warm so is the welcome for visitors, with almost everybody speaking fluent English a trip to this stunning country really couldn’t be more uncomplicated.

Reykjavik is a city where you’ll feel safe to walk the streets. With its colourful houses, friendly people and easy to walk to city centre, it’s like being in a big village. But this “village” has a multitude of cultural venues, gourmet restaurants, and stores. It also has the modern conveniences, services and quality of living you would expect from a world-class city. If you feel more at home amongst the wildlife you can take a 15 minute taxi ride downtown, where you’ll feel you’re the only person on earth. When you’re in nature, you can explore waterfalls, geothermal hot springs, bird sanctuaries and more. So what are you waiting for?

Things to do:

The milky turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon are perfect for a good, long soak after a long stroll through the streets or after exploring the breathtaking landscape. Located in a lunar-like landscape of lava fields, the lagoon is renowned for its health benefits and mineral-rich, geothermal seawater, which have made it one of the most visited locations in Iceland.

The waters around Iceland are some of the best in the world to spot a variety of cetaceans. Minke, blue, humpback, killer, pilot, sperm whales and dolphins are frequently sighted just off the coast. Boat trips are famous all over the world for their adventure and excitement enthralled throughout the natural rugged beauty Iceland has to offer. If you’re looking for a truly unique whale watching experience you can embark from either Reykjavik or Husavik in the north and whether you choose a sheltered fjord cruise or an adventure on the open seas, the boats used are tried and tested for the conditions, expertly crewed and offer ample deck space for viewing and photographing.

Skidoo riding is commonly associated with Icelandic activities, and involves a skidoo (snowmobile) ride on a glacier. An unbeatable adrenaline rush is guaranteed when speeding through the immaculate white wilderness - a highlight of any trip to Iceland. So jump aboard and enjoy an adrenaline pumping experience while taking in the picturesque surroundings.

Winter, spring, summer or fall – Iceland has it all….

Winter really heats up in Iceland; despite what its chilly sounding name might suggest- Iceland does not freeze to a halt in winter. The cultural aspects burst to into bloom from autumn to spring before the main travel season begins, so this could be the perfect time to see all the true natural beauty on show. On the cultural front you’ll have the choice of symphony orchestra, opera, and theatres, which have no language barrier so you will easily be able to understand and enjoy a performance. There is also a rich variety of other musical events all year round, which you can stumble upon as you investigate this magnificent country.

Iceland is the ideal place for taking a break and setting foot on a European outpost with an exciting, lively, ancient and thriving culture all of its own. You’ll feel at home – free to walk around, shop, admire, explore. It’s a place you could go on discovering forever.

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