Cyprus Holidays - What can I do In Cyprus?

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Cyprus Holidays - What can I do In Cyprus?

One of the most popular Mediterranean holiday destinations, Cyprus is known for its magnificent climate and 326 days of sunshine each year. A fantastic location surrounded by crystal clear ocean, this small island is perfect for a relaxing getaway, where you can unwind from the stresses back home.

Cyprus is an ideal holiday location for most Europeans as it is only a short flight away (about 2-3 hours from the UK) and is dotted with some of the best holiday resorts and beaches in the Med. Perfect for both families and couples, Cyprus is an island steeped in rich history and culture that can be seen in a number of ways; whether you opt for a package holiday, stay in a hotel or choose to rent a villa and take things at your own pace, you can expect a unique holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.

What can I do on a Cyprus Holiday?

For the most accessible beach holidays, it is widely advised that you book accommodation in Larnarca where the beach is within just a few minutes walk of most hotels. This area of Cyprus is known for its heat, so booking your holiday outside of the summon season would be the best bet if you want a comfortable climate for your holiday.

Cyprus has a multitude of popular beaches along its white shores. Other popular beach locations are Ayia Napa, Paralimni, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Lefke and Limassol, with resorts located within a short distance of their sun-drenched sands.

There are a number of other attractions and historic sites throughout Cyprus, such as the Tombs of the Kings, a world heritage site where Paphitic officials were buried. The Tombs of the Kings is definitely a must see for those who want to leave the beaches behind for a day.

The most important aspect of any holiday is the accommodation, which can often make or break a vacation. Those visiting Cyprus will find that the country is home to a number of amazing hotels and villas, each offering a unique take for the holidaymaker on this wonderful country.

If you interested in renting a Cyprus Villa for your holiday then check out these pages for more information:

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Airlines that fly to Cyprus from the UK

There are a number of airlines that provide regular flights to the island of Cyprus, with varying rates depending on where and when you fly. One of the great things about a Cyprus holiday is the relatively short flight time. Flying from the UK only takes a few hours

British Airways –

Cyprus Airways –

easyJet –

Ryanair –

Car Hire in Cyprus

If you really want to see the magnificent island of Cyprus in its full glory then renting a car will enable you to do just that. Vehicle rental is often very cheap on-island, but pre-booking with a larger car rental company like Avis may save you a few pounds that can be spent on the rest of your holiday.

Renting a car will give you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Some of Cyprus’ most popular attractions are located beyond walking distance of many resorts. There are busses that run to these parks, but having your own vehicle means you can beat the rush and escape the cramped and confined conditions you may experience.

Cyprus Car Rental -

Cyprus Car -

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