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smurfchops | 18:16 Sun 16th Jan 2011 | Travel
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Just watched Four in a Bed and that awful woman Katie from the B&B Happy Donkey Hill in Wales. Her poor downtrodden husband seemed terrified of her. What a mouth she had. I looked up reviews on Tripadvisor, and all but one said what a terrible woman. Then I looked at her website (no, I'm not thinking of staying there ..) and she allows pets but no children ! The only good thing that can be said for her is that she loves animals. What a woman.


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wow - those reviewers don't mess about
yeah she was horrible wasnt she smurf ...
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I saw this programme first time round and can only agrre what a rude agressive woman she was.
I loved her comment:~
"What do they mean animal hairs on the sheets,this is a farm for gods sake!" LOL
she was that nasty even the donkeys have left home
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Surely this woman needed a good advert for people to stay at her B&B, she has probably frightened everyone away now.
Only just seen this programme now but..What an awful woman..One comment on animal hairs in the bedding - which is perfectly fair feedback,and that was it..She became bitter and nasty for the remainder of the visits. She had no qualms in stating she would NEVER stay at the first venue again but got deeply offended by one justified piece of feedback.
The woman reminded me of a larger Vanessa Feltz but a thousand times more overbearing. That husband of hers needs to get a backbone.
She should probably throw all that wasted nasty energy on losing some weight instead.

I understand that all tv programmes are cleverly edited but she can't hide behind that..When her husban atched that back I dont know why he didn't pack his bags and run for the hills..Horrendous woman!
*husband watched that back
Have just watched it too, woud never stay at her property. What a childish nasty woman. Delusional jealous bitter ugly person
Just watched a repeat of the show What a horrible nasty person that woman Katie is. I know the show is a few years old so was wondering if her down trodden husband has become a man since then
I have just watched a re-run of this show and I was reminded about this awful woman. She's probably the rudest, nastiest person ever on this show. You could not pay us to stay at her B&B.
Would have to agree with comments....literally just finished watching the repeats and was absolutely amazed that a) they are still together b) and their business is clearly thriving...?? go figure.....

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Happy Donkey Hill Four in a Bed

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