Does a handbag count as hand luggage?

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flobadob | 23:04 Wed 12th May 2010 | Travel
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We are planning on only taking hand luggage when we fly on our holiday. Does my wife's handbag count as part of her hand luggage on top of her small suitcase or can she carry it on as well as the small suitcase. The suitcase is the dimensions of hand luggage.


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Too warm for a big coat. the thing is the hand luggage is full so the handbag would not fit inside it.
On most airlines, yes it does.
Wait 'til you try RyanAir!
Which airline? Never had a problem on BA.
Some airlines are strict and will only allow 1 piece of luggage without charge. I suggest you contact your airline.
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It's Europa
Looked at their website. Yes a handbag is in addition to the one bag rules. It would be a pretty mean airline that wouldn`t let you keep your valuable credit cards etc in a handbag. Mind you they might not like one of those huge sacks that celebrities are always seen with!
Might be a good idea to check with the actual airline as it seems to me they make up the rules on a daily basis. I travelled with Easyjet recently and my large camera bag is bigger than the hand luggage allowance.
I was expecting it would have to go in the hold but they told me to take it in to the cabin.They obviously applied common sense, something usually lacking these days.
My handbags would count........I think I have more in mine than mary poppins did... might be worth investing in a mini clutch bag for essentials and pack your normal handbag in your suitcase to use while you are away
I have been on a number of flights where my handbag has had to fit in my hand luggage to count as the only piece of hand luggage. Not always though. As others have said, best to check with your airline.
On RyanAir, if you try board with hand luggage plus a handbag ...

... they shoot you dead in the aisle.
Usually, it will vary between different airlines. Read the small print, or hope for the best once you arrive.
Check your airline. BA let you take a small hand bag plus a hand luggage item. Sleazyjet make you cram your handbag inside your carry on.
I have been known to cram my handbag inside my hand luggage and then get it out again once I am through security. They want you to buy stuff in the airside shops so they dont seem to care once you are there as to what extra bags you carry. That's my experience anyway.
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Annoyingly the airline we used only allowed a 5kg hand luggage allowance and ours was 10kg so we ended up having to send it through as luggage.

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Does a handbag count as hand luggage?

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