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tigwig | 19:23 Fri 19th Feb 2010 | Travel
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I am planning a holiday for 2011 (yes already!) I would love to go to California but don't want to do the 14 hour flight with 2 young children. The most we can cope with is the 9hr flight to Florida. So how could we get either from Florida or New York or somewhere else in USA thats no more than 9hrs then onto LA and Las Vegas? Can you do a cruise or would we have to organise the whole thing seperately booking several flights? If so it all sounds like it would be complicated! Basically I want to go to Disneyland in LA, Universal in Hollywood and Las Vegas. There would also be getting home to consider too without the one direct flight. If anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful.


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Your choices are limited. The most logical is a continuing flight from Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles. For example you could leave Orlando at around 1215PM and arrive in Los Angeles at 3:15PM (due to time change) for about $380 roundtrip per person (under age 2 would be free). That way you could rent a car in LA for your drives to Vegas, etc. and then retrun to Orlando for your departure home (after an overnight's rest)... Forget the busses and trains take 3 and 1/2 days. You could drive it, but it's 2500 miles or so... Welcome to the U.S. by the way!
If you are going from the UK who told you the flight time to San Francsico was 14 hours?

I have been to San Francisco a few times and I am sure it was about 10 hours.

Note that while the flight from UK to New York goes directly west over the Atlantic the flight from UK to San Francisco does NOT take the same route and just carry on westwards from New York.

A flight to San Francisco takes advantage of the curve of the earth and goes up and over (flying North from UK and coming down the "other side") see here

See here this advert says the BA flight is 10 hours and 12 minutes
>Can you do a cruise

I am sorry but have you looked at a map of the USA?. How do you hope to do a cruise from New York to Las Vegas.

New York is on the East Coast and Las Vegas is on the West coast (and inland) and there is a huge lump of land in the way.

Probably the ONLY way to get from the East coast to the West coast is to go on a cruise via the Panama Canal.

You CAN get cruises that go from places like Miami (Florida) and then through the Panama Canal and up the West coast of the USA, but that aint going to be cheap and is a holiday in itself.

As I said in my append above, flying to the USA from the UK is not 14 hours but more like 10 or 11 (and certainly cheaper than cruising from Miami).
any reason for not just seeing Universal and Disney in Florida?
The flight is not 14 hours as stated, I do it all the time and its ten and there is lots of entertainment - you will be fine, it goes in a flash
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I didn't realise it was only 10 hours, not sure where I got 14 from. We have done Disney in Orlando loads of times and I do absolutely love it but want to sample the original one and have a variation on the holiday rather than the knackering 2 weeks of theme parks every day. Thanks for the answers.
If you're travelling from the UK it's actually very simple.

Fly with either Continental or Delta, they both route via New York anyway and they will allow stop overs free of charge. This means you could fly to New York, stay there and see the sights for a few nights, then fly from New York to Los Angeles. You could the drive to Las Vegas, it's quite a drive but is worth it in my opinion, probably about 6 hours or 8 hours with a couple of rest breaks, stay there for a few nights the fly back to UK. You could even stop at another US city for a couple of nights, maybe fly down to Houston and then back from Houston to UK, again, there is no cost for a domestic flight from Las Vegas to Houston.

London - New York
New York - Los Angeles
Las Vegas - Houston
Houston - London

If you avoid summer holiday dates between 1st July and 22nd August you should be able to do all those flights for £500 each.
Actually, being only 275 miles of good interstate highway is only about 4 hours or so...

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USA multi trip holiday

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