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York Ibis Hotel

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boingboing | 12:51 Wed 09th Dec 2009 | Travel
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Hi, my brother and I are planning a 3 day break in York beginning Christmas Eve. I am considering the Ibis Centre hotel for a number of reasons - it's near the station and close to the city centre as well. I've used loads of Ibis hotels in France over the years and have always loved my stays there. Most of the reviews of the York Ibis are reasonably favourable (I'm not looking for anything fancy), I like the eat-all-you-can breakfast they do, I can book and pay in advance online. However one thing crops up a few times in reviews of this hotel - stag parties wandering the corridors at night making lots of noise. I realise there wont be many stag parties taking place at Christmas but am slightly concerned at this reputation (possibly undeserved) this hotel seems to have got. Any thoughts, experiences greatly appreciated. I am on a pretty tight budget! Thanks for any help.


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Well I have no experience of this hotel, but can guess that being Chistmas Eve there may well be a few drunk people in and around the hotel.

Being at the cheaper end of the market I would guess many revellers may crash out there after drinking in the city on Chistmas Eve.
Question Author
That was my thinking, need to book soon, may give it a go. That sort of behaviour could happen in many higher priced hotels I suppose...will leave it for another day before booking. Thanks for your input James
I've stayed at the Hilton ...

Right in the centre, very nice ... and they might offer some sort of festive deal.
The Ibis in not exactly in the city centre itself so I would have thought it would actually be quieter than the hotels which are.
now that is right in the city centre jj next to Clifford's Tower............I worked there in the 60's when it was a BLMC motor dealership.......happy days.......
That's it, craft ... it's all coming flooding back.

It's a sort of tower thing, on a big grassy hill, I think.

Very pretty.

And a short walk to the river.

that's near Scotland isn't JJ?
lol jj.......the tower and surrounding buildings used to be York Prison.....
That would have been quite a nice place to be in prison, craft. Better than Alcatraz, anyway.

chuck ... it did feel like Scotland ... it was hours and hours and hours getting there.

Had a fab weekend's nookie there though.

Maybe you didn't need that detail.
I probably could have made it through my day without knowing that little insight :)
Yeah ... sorry.
we use ibis where ever we go
ask the receptionist for a quite room they tend to bung all the rowdies together on the top floors they are well aware of the parties revellers problems
Question Author
Thanks everyone, will ask receptionist for a quiet room. Never even occurred to me to do that before (have endured a few sleepless nights in Ibis Toulouse before but the rugby was to blame for that, and to be honest Toulouse is the noisiest city I have ever stayed in. Plus I'm not sure my French is up to asking for that, but my English sure is! Cheers
pls dont think I am a kiljoy and I hope you have a nice time, but what are you going to do for xmas day food ? all the restaurants and attractions will be closed and any hotel that will serve xmas lunch will cost you an arm and a leg and I am presuming that you have chosen Ibis becasue their rates are reasonable.
Good luck whatever you do.
Question Author
Thanks everyone again, Dee Sa don't worry about us. Ibis serve an eat all you can breakfast every morning, that will fill us up while we walk round York. We will travel up prepared in case the hotel restaurant is not open Christmas Day but they do not say it will be shut. Every other Ibis i have been to has always had a restaurant open on Christmas Day but if shut we will be fine. To be honest neither of us really does Christmas so it will be really nice to get away for a few days and chill. Thanks!

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