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driving holiday in south africa

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Denise S. | 19:40 Fri 02nd Mar 2007 | Travel
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Has anyone had a driving holiday in South Africa? My husband does not fancy a bus tour, but I am not so sure about South Africa. Any experiences would be welcome. Do they drive on the left or right? Is it safe to drive in the cities at night? Thanks in advance.


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We were there about 4 weeks ago - week at Kruger National Park, and a week near Cape Town. We had hire cars for the whole time, and I would say they are essential. I don't know how we would have managed without. They drive on the left, and the roads are much easier to drive on than ours (in the UK I mean). Roads are good, and navigation is easy. Other drivers are extremely courteous, and the standard of driving much better than the UK. Seems perfectly safe, although as with anywhere you need to be sensible. I am fairly sure there are areas you should avoid, and I think driving in the cities at night would require some forward planning. I didn't do it, and to be honest, I can't really see why you would want to!
Do plan your journeys carefully, and remember that it is a very large country.
By the way, everything is very cheap - most things are extremely good value. After a few days we stopped thinking about the prices. Our most expensive meal was less than �30 for two - and that was a very extrvagant Sushi meal.
Hope you enjoy it - we certainly did.
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BenDToy - Thanks for your reply. Which company did you use? Did you have an internal flight anywhere? We thought about driving from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and flying up to Durban and then up to Kruger, what do you think?
I agree with BenDToy (GAB) you should have no problems at all. Make sure that you land in daylight if you're taking a car from the airport, or failing that go back the next day. I find it very disorientating to land in the dark in strange country after a long flight. I was hoping to go this year but I have sick dog who can't be put into kennels. Make sure you get a good map. I'm envious. Have a good time.
Sorry about the delay - I have been away. We hired the cars through Imperial who were OK. Booked it via [email protected] who is pretty helpful.
We took an internal flight from Jo'burg to Nelspruit (Kruger) and then wished we had driven it. We also flew from Jo'burg to Cape Town. No problems with any of the internal flights - main problems were with flights there and back with BA as they are an absolute nightmare just now. South African Airways were much better.
If you want to fly to Kruger from Port Elizabeth, it may be possible to go direct to Nelspruit, which is close to Kruger.
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Thank you BenDToy - interesting about BA - luckily we have booked with South African Airways to Capetown. We pick up a hire car and drive the Garden Route, On reaching Port Elizabeth we fly to Durban. Picking up another car, we drive to White River, near to Kruger, where we hope to go on a day safari (5.30 am pick up !!) we eventually reach Johannesburg and fly home. 15 days in all.
Thank to you and Thugulike for your help, I am not nearly as nervous as I was, I am looking forward to the trip.
Denise - I am sure you will have a great time - that sounds like a great trip. Hey thugulike (GAB). Do I know you as someone else, or is my memory getting as bad as my eyesight and hair loss?
'Tis me, apricot.

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driving holiday in south africa

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