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ednathegreat | 22:04 Mon 29th Jan 2007 | Travel
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I'm 15 and going to Cairo in Eqypt to see the prymaids in a few weeks
The thing is im unsure of what is acceptable there and what isn't.
can you help!!!!!


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Acceptable in what way? What sort of thing do you mean?
Do you mean clothing?
dress discreetly, ideally cover knees and shoulders; avoid public snogging. They're well used to tourists and reasonably liberal, and don't demand that you wear burqas or anything. But save revealing clothes for the poolside as a matter of courtesy. Take sun cream even at this time of the year.
Hi - just want to echo what jno said which is really good advice. You may also want to take a largish shawl (something like a thin pashmina would be fine) which you can wrap round your shoulders or put in a bag and use it to cover your head if you visit any mosques.

I've been to Cairo a couple of times and have tended to wear floaty skirks and tops which cover you up but keep you cool and still look attractive.

Also if you find that people approach you - especially at the Pyramids - to try and sell you something or offer a camel ride and you aren't interested just politely say "No thanks" or "Maybe later" and then walk away. Sometimes these approaches can be quite persistant and it's easy to get a bit panicky but if you remain firm but polite you'll be fine.

Enjoy the Pyramids, they are an amazing sight.

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