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Banks in Hamilton New Zealand

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tatie | 11:22 Sat 21st Oct 2006 | Travel
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Does anybody know if there is an HSBC Bank in Hamilton New Zealand? or a bank with the Maestro or Cirrus withdrawal signs on their Cash machines? I have a HSBC Debit Card and wonder if withdrawing money using this card will present any problems?


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If you go here olderservices/atmlocations/index.html it lists the Hamilton banks that take the cards, I can't see an HSBC branch in Hamilton.
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It doesn't show one in Hamilton or Wellington for that matter, o'h dear woe is me but thank you all the same.
If you look here and click on "call into a branch" (over on the right) unfortunately it doesn't list an HSBC branch in Hamilton:

I spent 5 weeks in NZ in July/August. I have a Clydesdale Bank Maestro card and it was accepted by all the ATMs I came across.
The link shows locations of ATMs that accept yir card and that is what you asked (unless I'm mistaken)
It does not have to be an HSBC cash machine for you to withdraw cash. We bank with HSBC and use our debit card to withdraw cash when ever we go abroad and have never had any problems. We have used it in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Asia and Europe. We have been getting cash abroad for quite a few years by this method. We take a small amount of local currency with us for use when we first arrive, from then on it is either put on a credit card or we withdraw cash form the machine. I hope you have a good trip.
From an HSBC employee:

Hamilton, NZ does not have an HSBC ATM. We visited NZ last year for the Rugby Lions Tour, and I saw HSBC offices in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

There was an ATM in Auckland owned by the bank - not too sure if there were ATMs with the offices in the other cities.

Ensure you let us know a week before you travel so we can update the notes on your account. This way we will not cancel your card due to out of character transactions on your account; which would cause you embarrasment and frustration whilst being on the other sideof the world! There will be other ATMs in Hamilton I am sure that you can use without fuss.

Have a wonderful trip!


I live in New Zealand and I can use my UK bank cards for the ATMs here with no problems. I think you should be able to use most of the ATMs,and there are usually plenty around. Have a good trip and please bring some better weather coz it is pouring down and has been all day.
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Thank you all for your help it's very much appreciated, I'm quite some years past retirement age and whilst I enjoy my computer I don't always drive it very well, must have driven right past that Road showing links of locations of ATM's which would accept my card.
My mind is now at rest and I will certainly notify the bank here of my intention to use my debit card in New Zealand.
It's raining here too but cold with it.

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Banks in Hamilton New Zealand

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