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Cheap Parking Gatwick

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Miss Inquiry | 11:02 Tue 26th Sep 2006 | Travel
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Does anyone know any cheap parking at Gatwick. I have used numerous car parks there, but they seem to be really expensive, for a 2 week holiday were looking at �70 just to park the car. Dose anyone have any promotional codes, know of how to get a better deal?


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we always use purple parking and use tesco clubcard deals to pay for it. Not sure if u shop at tescos and collect clubcard points? their deals are brill - worth 4 times their value so �80 parking costs �20 of deal vouchers.
Yes, I do the same thing - 4 for 1 deal. Purple Parking's base is off the Gatwick airport, about 4 miles away on the main road to the east. They also have facilities at many of the other UK parks. The only hassle is that you have to plan it in advance - to get the Clubcard vouchers off early enough so they send you back the parking vouchers - though this may now be possible online.
Try Parking Express at gatwick - right by the South terminal - but �70 for 14/15 days is probably about right I think.
some of the hotels nearby let you park for 2 weeks if you book a room for an overnight stay, we did this when we went to Florida and they had a shuttle bus to the airport too, works out just as cheap or cheaper than parking alone if you can get a good deal on the room rate.
Tudor Rose tend to be marginally cheaper than the others - you'll find their website if you google.

The hotel option is a good one - try

You dont always park at the hotel (except the night you stay there) - but often at one of the off-site car parks for which they give you a voucher

Alternatively get the train

my friend runs a B&B who also does parking at very good rates like �3 a night, you do not have to stay at B&B to use it too. Cars are parked round back of house out of sight of road so pretty much secure. The airport is only 2 or 3 mins taxi ride away
If you are interested then please mention my name Izzy as not always will she accept just parking with no B&B.


Iz x
Question Author
Wow, thanks for all your answers, I will probabaly give her a call Izzy. I do shop at Tesco's but (Sods Law) I have just spent all of my club card points!

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Cheap Parking Gatwick

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