SPK where are you?

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EminOz | 01:18 Fri 19th May 2006 | Travel
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hey spk, you hanging out in this sections now?


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What are you wantin?! Maybe I am but you can catch meeee !

I meant to say cant. Damn that would have been so cool
Question Author
its ok sweetheart, i know your cool anyway!
ahh true! Hows the hair now? This thread will be gone in the morning but the ed is sleeping now mwah ha ha ha ha. There will be some ab police hitlers reporting this in the morning. Out there somebody cant sleep because they KNOW we are not using ab for its designated purpose. We are so mad bad and dangerous
Question Author
we're just two crazy kids! my hair is still fabulous but will be a bit buffant by the end of the day!

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SPK where are you?

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