Tipping in the USA

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scoobydooby | 12:28 Fri 14th Apr 2006 | Travel
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Have just returned from yet another fantastic holiday in Florida (third visit). Prices, however, have shot up and portions (food wise) are smaller. There don't appear to be many bargains in Florida any longer. Has anyone else been recently and, if so, how do you feel about the tipping? We were expected to tip 20% for services (and did so), but most restaurants added to the tip to your bill anyway. In Dunkin Donuts (counter service), they had a tip jar on the counter! What were they expecting to be tipped for?

Just beware anyone who's taking children over the age of 11 (who don't eat for free - or are entitled to order from child's menus), after you've paid your 6.5% tax and had to pay the 20% gratuity - you'll find you've paid more than in the UK!

I read in a Florida's edition of the Daily Mail that Brits aren't booking so much to visit Florida and tour operators are having to slash their prices. They blamed it on Immigration and the length of time it takes to get through the airports but I think Gatwick, on our return, was far far worse. I think it's because it's so expensive now, does anyone else agree?


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went to NY last month and were told 15-20% - just doubled the state tax, which is a bit over 8%, so we were tipping less than 20%. When I first went to the USA 25 years ago, 12% was a more common tip, so it's actually increasing. You just have to think of it as a different way of doing things, because waiters don't get paid properly and expect customers to make up the shortfall, but these days it means meals aren't that much cheaper than at home. Other things are, however.

i just returned from Florida, after visiting 5 years previous. A cab from the airport to Disney cost around $25, now it costs $70.

I blame Bush and his oil based economics.

Another excellent reason to avoid the mega-tourist destinations, in my opinion. My employment is travel, and have found, for example, that staying anywhere on the east coast of Florida, easily within a 30 minute or one hour drive from the Orlando areas will result in a savings of at least 20 percent for all costs compared to the hotels, etc., near Disney World. I realize the added hassle of car rental (car hire?) but well worth it, in my opinion. Americans are probably not as intimidated by tipping percentages as are Europeans, in my experience. We usually will tip 15 to 20 percent for good service, but not just as a matter of habit. Especially true if I'm not returning to that establishment as would be true for a tourist...
Additionlly, I think most families, understandably, are looking for the easiest way to travel to a new place and often choose package tours. A little inventivness can save a lot of money and still produce an enjoyable vacation...
... and, I have a hang nail thats rather irritating and somewhat painful... I know it's Bush's fault...
depends whether it hangs to the left or the right, Clanad...

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Tipping in the USA

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