Mombasa in May

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ali_alic | 10:28 Fri 07th Apr 2006 | Travel
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I have just booked a last minute holiday in Watamu (near Mombasa) for the first 2 weeks in May. I quckly checked the holiday mags and although it was the "rainy season" it gave the impression that it was spasmodic. Having bought a guide to Kenya it seems that it is a major rtainy season and there are thunderstorms and on average 20 days of rain that month. Has anyone else been to Watamu/Mombasa at that time of year - or was I the only one suckered in by travel agent shpeal!!


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this site says 10 days. I think it is more likely to be in passing storms, with lots of clear weather too, but it's a tough call trying to predict weather these days, where no two years are alike.

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2 bikinis to every rain mac then!! Thanks jno
Sorry I can't actually answer your question but I'm going to Watamu too! I leave on the 27th May. If you have time when you come back you will have to give me some tips! I posted a question a while ago to see if any one had been there before but no one has. Have you booked with African Safari Club?
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yes - am going to the Club Hotel Watamu Beach who are owned by African Safari Club. Fly with them - the lot. Have also booked the red elephant safari, staying overnight at crocodile camp. But May through to July is their "long rain" season, so maybe it wasn't such a bargain after all. Having my yellow fever jab on monday and getting the prescrip for the malaria tablets too. Its gonna cost �350 in malari tablets alone for the 5 of us!! Am now searchig for all those odd amounts of money you chuck in a drawer when you get back from hols. Apparently the hotel uses Euros, and you can use Kenyan shillings and USA dollars.
Really that is a lot, I posted a question about malaria tablets aswell cos some have horrible side effects and the one thats apparantly best is Malarone. This is the most expensive one from my doctor but is still only �42. AFS told us we have to pay for our entry visa in English money so that might be worth checking to make sure you have enough cash. We are still deciding which safari to go on but the crocodile camp does look amazing!
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I'd check that price re Malarone. There were others cheaper but had side affects - like sensativity to sun (not good if you are going to Kenya) and accute depression!! I checked with Tescos and they are the cheapest with Malarone, how much were you quoted per tablet? �70 per person is a lot different to �42. We are going for 2 weeks so we need to take them 2 days before, during and one week after. We are going to gte our visas out there, tho it is tempting to get them done here. Just worried we won't get our passports back in time. Yup - wanted to go on one of the Kilimanjaro ones - but with 3 step kids didn't fancy them not liking it and me having to put up with them for 3 days!! Shame the diving finishes in April - oh well.

You should be fine. It will probably rain most days but the sunshine will be there either side of the rain. The weather is very changeable so if you wake up to cloud cover there's still every chance there will be a long stretch of sun later in the day. I'm going to Kenya as well in May (but further south) - must be something in the air!

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Mombasa in May

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