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Driving tests?

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JonAlwen | 17:19 Wed 20th Nov 2002 | Travel
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What is the record for the most failed driving tests?


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well I'm not sure if it's still the record, but I heard of a woman who only passed at her fortieth attempt. This was back in the 70s, so I don't know if it stilll stands. Another tale is of a lady (naturally!) who failed in the first 5 seconds of her test by mixing up the clutch and accelerator and driving through the wall of the test centre. The acc/clutch things is not unusual, it seems, as there is another story of a lady who made the mistake and drove into a canal, where the car sank and she and the examiner had to sit on the roof and wait to be rescued. She had the temerity to ask if she had passed, and was told that they didn't know, they'd have to wait to see the examiner's report! Coming back to your question, isn't there a tv programme about bad drivers in Britain at the mo? I think it's on Channel 5, so look it up and watch it, also there was a programme I think called 'Driving School' on another terrestrial channel which might have a website mentioning relevant facts.

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