Easyjet. Baggage allowance?

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skigirl | 00:54 Sun 19th Feb 2006 | Travel
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I'm traveliing with my daughter soon using Easy jet. Ideally I would just like to take one suitcase. We each have a baggage allowance of 20kg. Does anyone know if I can pool this allowance and take just one suitcase for both of us. I have searched their website for an answer but have found nothing about pooling baggage allaowance.


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I am sure you would not be able to but that is only a hunch. One of the reasons may be for health and safety regarding lifting.
This from the easyJet website

"Each passenger is usually permitted one standard piece of hand baggage to a volume limit of 55x40x20cm. There is no weight restriction, within reasonable limits - i.e. a passenger must be able to place the piece of luggage safely in the overhead storage bins without assistance. Each passenger also has a free allowance of standard checked-in hold baggage to a maximum weight of 20kgs."


"A fee per kilo for excess weight over these allowances is charged prior to departure.

Each passenger is allowed a maximum hold baggage weight of 50 kilos including any sports equipment, subject to available space. The maximum weight for any single piece of baggage is 32 kilos...

In addition, passengers may carry on board a handbag, clutchbag, coat, umbrella, duty-free goods (small items), a laptop computer, car seats for infant passengers and small items of photographic or scientific equipment. These will not form part of the above allowances.

Infants who share your seat do not have a baggage allowance.

So if you were to pool your hold baggage you would be charged for every kilo over the 20 kilo free allowance.

if she is a child i think they would be ok with it, but why not pack a smaller thin bag of her stuff and pack it inside your suitcase. if, when you arrive at the checkout they say you can't do it, just remove the bag to go through the checkout separately, then put it back at the other end.

you both have an allowance which is based on the weight the aircraft can safely hold - which has some leeway but thats why they charge extra for excess baggage - if they didn't people would turn up with loads of stuff and overload the aircraft.

Most airlines alllow passengers travelling together to pool their allowance.

Ryanair definitely do not - don't know about Easyjet and if it's not mentioned on their web site you'd need to ask them to be sure.

From your own point of view two lighter cases will be easier to handle than one very heavy one.

Depends what sort of numpty you get on the check in desk - common sense isn't something you find with sleazyjet.
You can take up to 32 Kilos per bag but you should assume you will be charged for the extra 12kg (32kg is the most that a baggage handler can lift apparently).
Do as Joko suggests, and don't assume if this works on the way out it will be the same on the back.
You can get quite a bit in your hand luggage, that's done by size!?
My wife and I have travelled with Ryanair, Easyjet and BA all in the last few months and we pooled baggage everytime but I'd ring them to be sure.
My wife and I have travelled with Ryanair, Easyjet and BA all in the last few months and we pooled baggage everytime but I'd ring them to be sure.

Ryanair have just changed (to not allow pooling) in the last few weeks with minimum publicity

have you ever tried to pick up 40 kilos? don't be a plum, be nice to the bagage handlers and use 2x20kg . as previously mentioned you can take one big case and put a small one in it, but seperate them before checking in.

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Thankyou for all your replies.

Markja- I wasn't planning on taking 40 kg in one suitcase. More like about 25-30! It would be easier logistically to take one suitcase and one child rather than two suitcases and a 4 year old child running around. I really wanted to check that I wouldn't be charged excess baggage for going 5kg over - if they would count it as pooled baggage.

Thankyou all

I also do not trust the scales at the airport. My luggage was 20 kilo at home; at the airport somehow it became 23 kilos!!!
(the scale at home was a new one and used very little).
baggage of 20Kg per person and one bag but maximum of 32 Kg per bag and lots of other stuff in the easyjet website that do not speak plain English - maybe should report them to the authorities!

Simple question? - is ther excess to pay if two people turn up with one bag that weighs 30Kg?

Have tried easyjet customer service and the answer is even muddier than the FAQ site.

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Easyjet. Baggage allowance?

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