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Airbnb Query?!

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piggynose | 12:07 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | Travel
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I've actually used Airbnb several times without issue! But this time,due to problems with fraud I guess I couldn't book my room!!  What you normally do when trying to pay, is go via their payment page which then connects to yr online bank account, but in order to pay you have to write/ type this 4 digit number which the bank should automatically send you! Well after 3  attempts I gave up, knowing a 3rd time id get blocked!

Has anybody else had this problem ?

Btw I'm going to the bank to hopefully resolve it tomorrow 




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Is the bank sending you the 4 digits then? It usually comes via text.

my check digit texts are usually 6 digits

I also get 6 digits to input

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11.09..prudie,thats what normally happens but not this time!

That does sound like a technical problem and probably needs a call to your bank's technical helpline, I don't think going into an actual bank will help (although you're in Spain aren't you, maybe it's different there).

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13.02 we'll see what happens tomorrow, at the bank. 

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prudie, no joy! after visiting the bank, they told me i had to call the banks customer service. I asked my wife to pay for it, using the phone call as plan b! she had no problem, mind you she used her pc and not her phone, which was what i used!

Oh dear, well hopefully you will get it sorted and at least I guess the airbnb is booked now?

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Airbnb Query?!

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