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barnaclebill58 | 14:02 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | Travel
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I have spent ages trying to find answer to this but can't find a definitive answer.

We all know that unless you pay to book a seat , you can only check in 24 hours in advance. If you are abroad, it is hard to find a printer so the app is needed. 

Suppose I've made the booking for me and AN.Other. 

1. Do I download the passes on my phone and have us both go through the boarding gate at the same time, somehow moving from one pass to another? What happens if I'm due to board at the front and AN at the rear so AN can't show pass on entering plane if requested?

2. Do I give AN my password details so that they can log in as me on their phone 

3. If they have their own Ryanair account , can they access their own pass using my booking ref ? 

4. Do emailed screenshots work? Some comments seem to suggest they may not .




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This TripAdvisor thread is 9 years old but it seems likely that the basic information holds true.  (i.e. where there are multiple passengers within a single booking, their boarding passes will be shown alongside each other on the phone of the lead passenger, so that they can quickly be flicked between):

Thanks would not go a miss bb58!

Question Author

Piggynose. I posed the question at 13.02 . The answer was given at 15.55. 

I have just logged in now . I was not aware that there was a requirement to log in again the same day as posting a question that I did not specify as requiring an urgent answer.

Is it not usual to wait for a few replies, mark one as best answer and say "Thanks all"?

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