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Maydup | 10:22 Wed 26th Jan 2022 | Travel
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I’m missing my pre-Covid short breaks in London so I’ve decided to try a day trip to see an exhibition.

Not having been for ages I wonder how it’s changed in terms of the number of people. I see train schedules reduced due to lower demand, and assuming tourism is low, people still working from home, it less congested on the buses and in exhibitions and in cafes or are things back to normal more?


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Exhibitions aren't busy because you tend to have to book now. Last time I was in town was before Christmas and public transport wasn't too bad but we did get into a crowded tube at rush hour time. Depends which line you are on really.
streets are emptier than usual but public transport still full around rush hour, less so from say 10 till 4.

I went to Westminster Abbey last week - not cheap but almost empty. It used to be heaving with busloads of tourists. If you want to go to an exhibition, check the venue's websites to see if there's availability. Cafes you'll have to take pot luck.
Published two days ago:
"Today’s figures bring Tube ridership up to roughly 45 per cent of what it was before the pandemic and bus ridership to 69 per cent of what it usually was pre-Covid"


Graph here:

Lots of eating places in London have closed permanently due to Covid though:
Yes if you are going to, say, museums, make sure you dont have to book first. All changed since Covid so that places are not as busy.
My tip is to get a travel card and after 9.30am, get a bus from say Marble Arch that will take you right through to the City, eg Tower of London. Buses as above used to be Nos 6 and 15 but best to check first. And sit at front upstairs!
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Thanks all. We’ve booked train tickets to arrive in town mid morning and booked our time slot for the exhibition. We’ll use buses rather than tube, as it’s our preferred option anyway. As you say, we’ll take pot luck with cafes and can always make do with a Pret and a meal deal for the train home!

I’m pleased to hear its still reasonably quiet on the streets, time to make the most of that after lockdowns but before it gets back to the normal hustle and bustle.
>>> "My tip is to get a travel card"

There's no real point these days. If one simply uses a contactless debit card to tap in and out on the Tube (or just 'in' on a bus), the amount paid is calculated in exactly the same way (with the same caps applied) as when using an Oystercard or other type of travel card.
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Indeed, I have an old Oyster card which I'll use up if there's anything still on it and if not tap and go with my debit card. We're only going from station to the museum via one change of bus so its as broad as its long. OH has a bus pass.

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