Flying From Scotland To Perth, Australia

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zingo1327 | 11:46 Tue 23rd Jan 2018 | Travel
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What is the best relatively stress free flight from Glasgow/Edinburgh to Perth Australia?
Can't afford business class and don't mind a one day stop over somewhere,but not Dubai.
thank you in advance


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Can you afford to travel in "Premium" Economy?
Qantas are starting a non stop flight from London to Perth on March 25th

More here
Sorry just noticed you said from Glasgow/Edinburgh, but you could get the train to London then get the non stop flight to Perth from London.
I fly quite a lot to Asia, though never to Australia.

It's really about selecting a decent seat (whatever that means to you) and then getting into a state of mind about travel.

The most important aspect is getting sleep where you can.

On eastbound-flights (EU to Asia or US to EU) try to get as much sleep as possible. Sometimes that means having a meal (and maybe a drink or two) at the airport prior to departure and then trying to get to sleep as soon as the seatbelt signs go off.

Remember to tell the flight attendants that you do not want to be disturbed during the meals/drinks service. Also remember to keep a fastened seatbelt visible while you sleep, in case the seatbelt sign goes on.

On some flights, if you book seats right at the back, you may be able to find a three- or four-seat row that is completely empty. Baggsie it as early as possible and then enjoy sleeping horizontal in economy without the price of the more expensive cabins.

There is plenty of time to fill out any forms or landing cards in the hour or two prior to landing, so don't worry about doing that as soon as you get the cards.

On the Westbound flight, I tend to try and stay awake, as the landing is usually early evening local time. I might doze after a meal and a drink, or if working, then I'll work throughout the flight.

I take a laptop or tablet with my own music and movies and plug that into the in-seat power (if the airline has power in the seat it's a big bonus). The screen is much better than the seat-back units on most airlines. Also, you have your own choice. I use the time to catch up on TV series I missed (I have a computer-based PVR) that can save to a disk.

I also use noise-cancelling headphones to mitigate the noises from young children. (I have flown as a parent with young children, and want to give them all the support I can, but I also want to be able to doze, or read without constantly tutting at young children who are suffering from over-pressure in their ears).

Finally, I try to get assigned to a bulkhead seat, partly because I am tall and want the legroom, but also, once airborne, you can get out a bag and store it within easy reach - and the most important reason - you can get out to go to the loo without disturbing your fellow passengers (or being disturbed by them).

Often you have to pay for that, but I have found it is most definitely worth it.

Then there is all the standard advice about keeping hydrated, drinking lots of water, and exercising to avoid risk of deep-vein thrombosis.

But mostly, it is lovely to just sit there and have people bring you food and drink, with no phone calls or emails to get worked up about...

I go into a kind of limbo - spending time reading; doing puzzles, listening to music, or working
The way I'd do it would be to fly with Etihad, who operate from Edinburgh to Abu Dhabi and from there to Perth.

Stopover suggestions here:

Once you get to Perth, make sure that you book onto a tour to the Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung National Park. It's unforgettable!
If you are still thinking about route/airline, then my advice is to have either one (very) long leg as Guilbert said above, or two legs each of 12 hours or so. Flights of 6 hours are a bit of a pain - not enough time to get a decent sleep, but too long to just stay awake.

If you have a short (2-3 hour) leg, then make it at the start of the journey while you are feeling awake and energetic.

Doing a 15-hour flight then changing for a 2-hour hop is undesirable. (IMHO). So make the longest leg the last leg of any journey, if that is at all possible.

As to airlines, you can use to check out seat layouts and select the good seats as well as finding out what options are available in that specific seat.

Finally, you might like to use to check on the actual aircraft you are going to be on, as well as to get live flight information. Many is the time I have sat in airport departure lounges informing fellow passengers about the status of the (delayed) flight, when the airline staff appeared to have no idea.
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hi flonska
could possibly stretch to premium fare
I used to fly Qantas a lot from London to Bahrain .I considered them the best long distance airline . A flight attendant told me that all Qantas aircraft are ordered only in the 'long distance' versions that have more seat room. Most airlines buy versions that are suited to medium as well as long distance so have less seat room.
As Guilbert suggested @ 11:02, Qantas appear soon to offer a non-stop service:-

See if premium economy prices are within budget? Surprisingly you might find that a "fixed deal business class" ticket might work out cheaper than a "flexible" premium economy fare.

Alternatively, you can "stopover." Other than Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore appear popular places. Some Tour Operators may offer a 3 day city holiday in somewhere like Singapore and they may be able to offer further reductions on "higher cabin class fares.
An explanation of why I suggested going via Abu Dhabi:

There are no direct flights from either Glasgow or Edinburgh to anywhere that has a direct connection for Perth other than Abu Dhabi. So if you want to do the trip with just two flights you have to go via that route. There's no alternative.

However if you're prepared to take three flights then going initially via Heathrow (from Edinburgh) opens up loads of possibilities. (I flew from Heathrow to Perth with a stopover in Singapore which, if you can stand the humidity, is a tourist paradise).

There will be even more possibilities open to you if you make the initial short hop via Schiphol or Paris CDG.

So are you prepared to get to your stopover point with a change of flights en route or would you rather stick with just one flight to the stopover and one more from there (which forces you to choose Abu Dhabi)?

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Flying From Scotland To Perth, Australia

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